Healing Hospital as a New Concept in Health Care – Health System Example

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"Healing Hospital as a New Concept in Health Care" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. Healing just as the name suggests refers to the process of restoring the health of a diseased, damaged, or unbalanced human. Unlike treatment, which refers to the process of attempting to use drugs to mitigate disease, healing has a spiritual or religious aspect. Healing elicits the contribution of a patient’ s religious belief in order to create a holistic health care practice and care (Cox, Alastair & Fulford, 2007). Through technological inventions, health care services became increasingly reliable since doctors can easily prolong life.

Healing hospitals is, therefore, a new concept in health care that attempts to infuse spirituality in the practice. Spiritual care or compassionate care just as the name suggests involves the provision of holistic care by caring for the emotional, social, spiritual, and physical aspects of the patients. Infusing such in a hospital setting is a holistic process that requires a balance between technology and balance as the below discussion portrays. Technology Technology provides reliable processes in diagnosing and treating a patient.

Healing hospitals strive to achieve rapid yet effective restoration of the health of a patient requires that requires the input of technology. Technological inventions in health care have succeeded in enhancing the efficiency of service delivery. Additionally, technology influences the reliability of the health services a hospital offers. Such services as X-rays, CT scans, and robotic operations make it possible for doctors to carry out extensive operations that enhance the recovery of a patient. Healing hospitals enhance the rapid and efficient restoration of the physical wellbeing of a patient, a feature that encourages the use of appropriate technologies (Cousins, 1979). Work design Proponents of healing hospitals propose a hypothesis that argues that fixing, helping, and serving are the basic ways of seeing and analyzing life.

Help encourages one to see life as weakling while fixing views life as broken and serving approaches life as a whole. Such proponents argue that fixing and helping are aspects of the ego while serving is an aspect of the soul (Moyers, Betty & David, 1993). Work design in healing hospitals considers the three thereby encouraging caregivers to adopt a holistic approach to their work in order to safeguard the three all of which are instrumental in the effectiveness of healing hospitals.   Biblical passage The parable of the Good Samaritan encourages Christians to care for everyone deserving health irrespective of their backgrounds.

Such is a vital biblical contribution to the formation of healing hospitals since it requires people to provide holistic care that infuses faith in the process. Challenges Healthcare among other components of modern society observes a secular approach. Such encourages a care-based system that relies on technology for treating the physical injuries thereby often ignoring the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of a patient.

Furthermore, religious diversity in society makes it difficult for the creation of holistic healing hospitals. Both caregivers and patients have varying spiritual beliefs.     Conclusion In retrospect, a healing hospital is a contemporary approach to health care that encourages a holistic approach to the practice. This requires caregivers to incorporate emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of a patient’ s life thereby designing all-inclusive care to encourage a quick recovery of the patient (Young & Cyndie, 2011).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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