Health Professions Council – Health System Example

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"Health Professions Council" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. Basically, the (HPC) is a valve arranged to give the community security. This regulator's major worry is to look after the community; a register of knowledgeable professionals is available to make sure to convene the required values of HPC as well as training career as well as health (Health Professions Council, 2008). Basically, they have many roles, the main role is to keep a community catalog capable experts within high values with education as well with training. More so, it supports individuals' standards subsequent to registering also remain those with recent information.

It measures the complaints as well as responding among their needs, since registration may take place in vacationing within a team of the community or either expert corpses. Consequently, workers have to be aware of complete consciousness of council plans (Health Professions Council, 2008). As a result, the Health of Professions Council actually has positions of principles that should convene in command to get registered in the biomedical sciences field. Individual standards include good conduct, performance, and ethics.

For example, standards express the approach and behavior of the registrants towards facility users taking account of confidentiality and individual performance. As a result, they should supply the HPC with any skills or manners related to this field, whichever information about their criminal convictions has to be supplied that demonstrates the registrants have to be an excellent character (Health Professions Council, 2008).                       Accordingly, this essential is considered to be one of the required standards. Moreover, they should be at least suggested by one of the professional statuses in the center of the population.

Then an extra criterion is the principles of proficiency which explains the safety and efficient practice of professions that work in the HPC. Because this counting the prospect of health professionals, the requirement abilities, and the awareness, understanding, and skills. Because of the registrant’ s occupation with the HPC, the occupation must be at a high stage of autonomy and accountability, such as the relationship among both the registrants and service users must be at the professional stages, therefore the registrant has to appreciate and respect the confidentiality of other individuals.

In the concept of fitness to practice, basically the HPC sets standards to make sure that every registrant reaches their standards of both training and education. For this reason, to keep the registrant on the dependable stage plus maintain with the recent data, the health professional council uses a different criterion (Health Professions Council, 2008). The criterion on progressing specialized improvement with maintenance as well as increase registrant during them work within the principle that matches them the capability to perfume in the training efficiently, legally as well as safety in the variety in the practice.

Nevertheless, principles of healthiness also are really necessary for which of registrants of health that were not has an effect on their system of practicing (BRYMAN & CRAMER, 2012). Basically, registering with the HPC means to be truthful, respectful, and rise taking place of dignity plus maintain confidentiality toward the consequences laboratory. This is a very sensitive stage as in the least behavior could split those principles that could be resulted on harming the community healthiness and also effect on data protection.

Although could leading to discharging the registrant from the practicing as well as resulting in him losing the protected identity (GREAT BRITAIN, 2002). For an HPC registrant, the demonstration of equal opportunities in place of work is very significant. Supported on the legislation, that was approved by the UK government, individuals must be treated equally in spite of their age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or race. Moreover, one of the HPC goals is to reach the general duties with applicable equality legislation. For example, a condition could comprise Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Race Relations Act 1976.

Basically, the Race Relations Act is associated to race and ethnicity in which registrants are dedicated to offering equivalent services and access to all HPC's facilities for all differences of race groups such as, ethnic, color and religion. Accordingly to the Disability Discrimination Act illustrates the problem of disabled individuals. As the HPC has been believed and included them in their policy as those must be treated in a high level of manners and offered opportunities the similar other individuals. for example, in the conditions of works and actions such as events, the disability individuals could have been encouraged to take either action of an event or applying for work (Health Professions Council, 2008). On the other hand, the Health Professional Council would as well supply them with the essential facilities in command to make it much easier for them.

Nonetheless, in the stage where the service users are in danger, then the registrant should take appropriate action to look after them. This would include reporting whichever in sequence associated with either themselves otherwise different registrants which might lead to damage the community health (Health Professions Council, 2008).            


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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