Health Promotion in Statesville, North Carolina – Health System Example

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"Health Promotion in Statesville, North Carolina" is an engrossing example of a paper on the health system. The city chosen for the purpose of analyzing health promotion is that of Statesville situated in the state of North Carolina. It has been observed that there are various sorts of partnerships that exist between the public, the private and the non - profit groups and notable among such partnerships is the joint initiatives towards drug de-addiction and prevention of drinking habits (Narconon. n. d. ). The prime barrier that is observed to render the city from becoming one of the healthiest cities is that of the lifestyle of the people.

Also, the social mix of the city includes both the groups, extensively rich and those below poverty lines and it has been observed that both the groups are susceptible to the habit. The strength specifically includes the partnership of the public, private and charitable groups that fight together to prevent citizens from getting indulged in such hazardous activities and also provides for rehabilitation and treatment for already those involved. Answer 2The four specific ways include campaigns against the ill effects of drinking and drugging, to initiate mobile health check-up units, to inculcate a touch of personal care and to make way for prompt first aid. Answer 3The five companies for the purpose of home health care of Statesville include Advanced Home Care, Bayada Nurses Llc, Brian Center Health & Rehabilitation Statesville, Carolina Health Professionals and CMH Home (All Pages, n.d. ). The agencies that are selected for the purpose provide similar services i. e.

of home health care. Any citizens are eligible for the services. The costs of the services are nominal and the service is initiated after the patient reports their problem to the agency. Answer 4Statesville of North Carolina has a mix of poor as well as affluent people.

While per capita income is more than $ 19,000 about 24% of the population is below the poverty line. There are private, government and non – government along with charitable organizations to support the population. The government agencies provide all sorts of services from first – aid to operation to rehabilitation. The persons requiring the medical services need to contact the health agencies in order to get the treatment.

Different health agencies have different eligibility criteria. Some require below poverty line documents to be shown while others require the proof of permanent residentship at the city of Statesville or the state of North Carolina (Department of Social Services, n.d. ). Answer 5 The various goals that are found in the Health People 2010 include an increase in the years of healthy and quality life and that of eliminating health disparities. In order to achieve a healthy and quality life, measures should be initiated to increase one’ s life expectancy and the quality of life.

To eliminate the disparities of health within the people of the city, more emphasis should be laid upon gender, race, and ethnicity. Also, health measures should be initiated that would primarily focus on aspects like sexual orientation, disability, income and education (Government of United States, 2010). Answer 5The health situation identified is that of drinking alcohol and doing drugs. There is a multilevel framework present in the city for illness care. The various agencies treat the various inefficiencies caused in the body because of such activities.

The family and the community are also involved to prevent such hazardous habits among the citizens. While at the health center, various rehab measures are implemented so that the patient gets the best care.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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