Healthcare Technology and the Role of Innovations – Health System Example

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"Healthcare Technology and the Role of Innovations" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system.   The research paper consists of an introductory part, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introductory part contains information about the notion of healthcare technology and its development. Also, the evidence about medical technology implications and influence on the healthcare system is involved here. The main body includes the summary of the article “ Top 5 Medical Technology Innovations” by Michael MacRae. The reasons why I choose the article and its main postulates are represented in the main body paragraphs.

The appropriate and precise summarizing of the article together with its basic problems reveals the content of the research paper. This is supported by proper data and scientific evidence that is relevant in today’ s world. After that research paper contains a strong conclusion due to the problem with my assumptions. The method that is used is a particularized examination of the literature together with the critical summarizing and personal inferences on the topic. Keywords: healthcare technology, medical equipment, device, diagnosis. Modern society involves all possible innovations in the sphere of medical care for providing qualitative and advanced treatment for the patients.

Current opportunities give a chance to the medical sphere for high development and progress. As we live in the so-called digital era, we may argue on the high growth of healthcare technologies. This notion may be defined as a set of equipment that embraces in the medical sphere and aims to specify the diagnosis for a diseased person. The growth of healthcare technology has started to develop since the end of the nineteenth century, and its evolution has grown rapidly in the twentieth century.

A huge number of innovations in the medical technology sphere have invented. The development is in progress even today, and specialists in medical sciences do not stop to surprise the world by its perspective ideas. Such achievements refer to the positive changes in the medical sphere. It is clear that the quality of medical service becomes higher and more perspective. That is why with the development of healthcare technology the number of mortality and morbidity is diminished and reduced. The article under consideration “ Top 5 Medical Technology Innovations” has written by Michael MacRae in the 2013 year.

I decided to dwell upon this article as the topical problems of this work seem curious for me. Moreover, the article represents the information about the newest innovations in the sphere of medical technology and the healthcare system (MacRae, 2013). Such data is considered to be relevant and topical for people related to the health sciences and medical spheres. “ Top 5 Medical Technology Innovations” refers to the problem of healthcare technology and investigates the principal technological innovations in the area of medical sciences.

The efficient plans for the 2014 year introduce the article (MacRae, 2013). The topical problem of this work is to evaluate each of the proposed equipment and give basic information about their efficiency and aims. The author provides a clear and straightforward characteristic of the five top modern technology devices for future medical development and argues on each of them separately. An introductory part involves the readers to the problem of healthcare technology due to the current period and presupposes the principal problem of medical equipment. MacRae argues that a technique for hospitals and medical specialists remains to have rather a high cost and “ medical technology companies are focusing more than ever on products that deliver cheaper, faster, more efficient patient care” (MacRae, 2013).

That is why the new Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) is founded for proper and costless testing of new healthcare technologies. Although, the author suggests the idea that industry engineers and scientists proceed to provide new investigations, and the sphere of medical technology is considered to be progressive in a contemporary world (MacRae, 2013). The list of five top technical devices reproduces in the article after the introductory part.

MacRae dwells upon each of the listed equipment and provides a brief, but informative description of the specialized sphere of usage, the aim of usage, and the process of applying the apparatuses. The first position includes the “ Cutting Back on Melanoma Biopsies” (MacRae, 2013). This device uses to recognize skin cancer and other types of harmful moles and is considered to be useful for dermatologists and oncologists. It reveals additional information to the doctors and reduces the number of cost unnecessary procedures. “ Electronic Aspirin” occupies the second position (MacRae, 2013).

This technological issue is invented for people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Electronic aspirin implants “ in the upper gum on the side of the head” and stimulate nerves by special signals that soothe the headache. In the middle of the suggested list, we have “ Needle-Free Diabetes Care” (MacRae, 2013). It is a special device that can test the blood without drawing it. Its work provides the particular biosensor that serves the impulses on the screen. “ Robotic Check-Ups” applies for the fourth position and represents the medical robot that may check on patients and “ patrol hospital hallways” (MacRae, 2013).

It is a pleasantly convenient method for routine work and such robots are able to manage all the information on a diseased person and save the doctor’ s time. The last technique under consideration is “ A Valve Job with Heart” (MacRae, 2013). This device remains to be an alternative for the patients who cannot “ endure the rigors of the operation” in the process of transformation of the aortic valve. Hence, it is extremely essential for people who suffer from heart diseases. The list of technologies concerns the serious and wide-spread in society health problems.

It is obvious that cancer, headache, diabetes, and problems with heart are common and prevalent in modern society. Moreover, it is not a secret that sometimes hospitals are overloaded, and doctors acquire a huge amount of paperwork, so a medical robot is also a very useful thing. To my mind, this technology can provide a helping hand to the sphere of medical practice and ensure higher quality and less time-consuming for the doctors. All in all, the development of healthcare technology designates the positive changes in the medical area.

With technological progress, the equipment for the hospitals has became improved and elaborated more qualitative. The current situation continues attempts in amplification of this sphere. However, medical equipment has high costs and the government needs excrete money for its acquisition. List of definitions: Healthcare technology is a set of techniques, drugs, equipment, and procedures used by healthcare professionals in delivering medical care to individuals, and the systems within such care is delivered (Freeny, 1986). Diagnosis is the name of disease designating from the symptoms of the sick person (Ahlzé n and Evans, 2010). Diabetes is a complex and variable condition that can affect almost every organ in the body due to deficiency or demolished effectiveness of carbohydrate metabolism and high blood sugar.

(Matthews, 2007).


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