Hygiene Compliance and Public Health – Health System Example

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"Hygiene Compliance and Public Health"  is a good example of a paper on the health system. There is no proper observation of hygiene while using public restrooms. While observing the behavior of children in the food court mall, several unhygienic actions were notable observations. Most users of the facility accessed the bathroom without taking precautions to handle the bathroom door properly. They touched the door before and after accessing the bathroom and most of them did not wash their hands. The germs they had acquired in the bathroom toilet were transferred to the food they would eat after leaving the restroom. Public Health Article Under the May 2014 Public Health Law News, an article published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC, 2014), stipulated an interesting law enacted in Tennessee.

Tennessee enacted a law, effective from July 2014, providing a directive for the incarceration of pregnant women in Tennessee, who abuse drugs. The law was a shock to the citizens of Tennessee and sparked instigated protests by women (Bassett, 2014). The women should receive proper health care and support so that they can overcome their addiction to harmful drugs.

The extreme decision is an effort of the government to encourage pregnant women to seek treatment from the several treatment programs provided by the state. In as much as the state government has the right intentions, the law is controversial. Public Health News Retail food establishment The first article relates to setting up restaurants in Chicago, a strategy that will increase the vibrancy and vitality of the city. A series of educational workshops will be set up to provide the locals with the knowledge needed to establish a restraint.

In another article, the 11th Annual creative Chicago Expo in Chicago cultural area was a success (Hahn and Inhorn, 2009). Important knowledge and resources were availed to the creative community of Chicago. The Expo occurred through a series of 40 workshops involving nearly 160 exhibitors. Rahm Emmanuel, the mayor, announced a food rally scheduled for October 2013 at Daley Plaza. The event aimed at promoting food truck business in the city by providing the necessary conditions and opportunities required for the food industry in Chicago to thrive (Turnock, 2012).

The cultural center hosted in Chicago City hosted a business week event that featured the president of Optimus Inc. , Tom Duff. Optimus is a creative service Organization that specializes in the film industry in Chicago. The main purpose of the event was to discuss ways in which Chicago will connect with the global economy. Public Health News Under the Programs and Initiatives category, there are different strategies to improve the city through several measures, such as making Chicago affordable to its residents. Through events such as a Music Festival scheduled for June 2014, the premier event of Bodies in Urban Space, and an annual Chicago Summer Dance where free salsa lessons will be availed to both the residents and visitors. A consumer protection program is another initiative set up in Chicago to improve Chicago's city.

Information about the rights of consumers is available, to protect consumers from fraudsters. There was a public announcement of the results of the investigation of immigration service suppliers, while the Department of Public Health in Chicago urged residents to help in ensuring the health and safety of all Chicago citizens.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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