Impact of Aging Healthcare Workers on Healthcare – Health System Example

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"Impact of Aging Healthcare Workers on Healthcare" is an excellent example of a paper on the health system. A health care worker or a health care worker is a professional in the field of medicine, nursing, or any field which is associated with health care who work at health care facilities. A health care facility includes clinics, hospitals, doctor’ s offices, health care centers, or other delivery points. In the years to come, it is quite expected that a whole new lot of talented young force would be required in the health care field as the current workers are aging and may cause talent risks.

The population of health care workers is mostly composed of aging workers. However, their employers are aware of the lack of skills caused by the aging workforce and 62% of the workers receive formal training to enhance their skills (Sweet, S., Besen, M. P., Hovhannisyan, S., & Pasha, F., 2012) When the workers have been working for over a decade their work starts weighing down on them both physically as well as mentally. They may start having difficulties maintaining uncomfortable postures or exerting physical force, and their ability to absorb new information diminishes Tuomi, K., Ilmarinen, J., Seitsamo, J., Huuhtanen, P., Martikainen, R., Nygå rd, C.

H., & Klockars, M. (1997) Health Care Professionals carried out a survey of health care workers of five countries (Brazil, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, and the U. S.A. ). The survey measured on the job and off job issues of the workers, their work pressure, and the workers rated themselves as to how much they can work as compared to how much do they work. The workers’ age was measured with respect to chronology as well as psychology.

It was found out that looking, acting, and performing younger to their chronological ages is preferred by most of the workers (Barnes-Farrell, J. L., Rumery, S. M., & Swody, C. A., 2002). The allied health care workers are employing more aged workers because of the increased percentage of aged workers present. This is causing an increased shortage of pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physical therapists & radiological technicians. New health care reforms are being introduced in order to meet the needs of the health workers.

However, aging causes the number of workers to decrease and approximately the shortage will be 260,000 by 2025. Patton, J. (n. d.) In recent times, health care workers are continuing to extend their retirements as the average American grows healthier and lives longer. Apart from that, they are not financially stable enough to retire. Many health care workers refuse to give up working till a very old because of their attachment and sense of belonging to the workplace, which is not easy for them to let go of (Hart K., 2007). As the health care workers become old and workers who are young in age decrease in number, it is very important that the aging workers are made the most of because they have first-class expertise in their fields, are loyal to their causes, and can deal with the customers efficiently.

Without them, a health care center can suffer from great economic damage (Collins, S., & Collins, K., 2006).


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