Impact of External Influences on Health Care Organizations – Health System Example

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"Impact of External Influences on Health Care Organizations" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system. The external influence is technology in health care organizations. The technology may be in relation to the equipment and devices being used with these organizations or even the recording and storage of health records using digital technology. When disasters occur, people get injured and are taken to various health care organizations not necessarily their family doctors. Their medical records need to be obtained and with the digital technology of health records, the record can be obtained easily and fast hence making the treatment process easy for the patient (Lohr, 2011).

The injuries may also be extensive requiring the use of sophisticated medical equipment with specialized technology and therapy such as Neuroreflexotherapy (NRT) which is a health technology which effective in the treatment of neck and even back pain which are the common injuries in natural disasters (Campillo, et al, 2014). Technology, therefore, assists in the treatment making it faster. For the health care administrators, the technology may however prove to be expensive to purchase or install such as the equipment.

They also need technicians who are qualified to operate them which are additional costs that need to be properly budgeted for. The administrators also need to ensure that the money they get from the use of the technology will in the long run cover the expenses otherwise it will be a lost cause. They, therefore, need to consider the patients’ payments for using the technology and when it should be used. The positive in that is that the obtaining if the technology will add more praise and respect to the health care administrators as well as attract more patients.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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