Impact of Technology on Healthcare – Health System Example

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"Impact of Technology on Healthcare"  is an engrossing example of a paper on the health system. The senior project topic is ‘ The Impact of Technology on Healthcare. ' There are various challenges and opportunities brought by new technology. These challenges affect healthcare organizations differently. Some negatively, while others positively. It is important to train healthcare organization on the effect of these technologies, and management of change due to technology impacts. This can make organizations recognize when to adopt, and how to adopt a specific technology for the good of the organization. Memorial Fitness Centers Memorial fitness centers are hospital-based facilities offering health and fitness services to various clients.

Because it is hospital-based, it is easy to get a variety of clients. Memorial hospital attends to clients with different diseases, after which, during recovery, they will need fitness services. Memorial fitness centers deal with the following health and fitness issues; strength training, cancer recovery, weight loss, cardiac rehabilitation or fibromyalgia, and sports injuries (Memorial Healthcare System, 2014). Technology affects the healthcare industry in various ways. Technology provides opportunities for the healthcare centers to improve the quality of services, and sometimes, it is detrimental, for example, the costs may be too high or it may lead to confusion among clients hence a lack of trust in a healthcare organization. Memorial Fitness centers are organizations under the management of Memorial hospital facing technology implementation problems.

Another challenge is that so many clients enroll to participate in the centers’ fitness activities by remaining physically inactive. One appropriate way to solve this issue would be to implement innovative training equipment. There are technology applications that come along with such innovations (European Health and Fitness Association, 2014). Like any other healthcare organization, Memorial fitness centers are prone to making medical errors.

This is worsened by the variety and complexity of patients they are dealing with. In order to solve this problem, the fitness centers can implement health information technology which will help in reporting, tracking and collecting patient data. It will help in patient information management (Department of Health and Human Services, 2014). The rate of adoption of new technology innovations is also an issue in memorial fitness centers. The fitness centers need clients to operate normally.

It means that it has competitors to deal with when it comes to efficiency in service provision. In order to maintain clients and attract more, it has to be able to adopt new technology at the right time and for the right purpose to ensure effective operation. An example of new technology appropriate is the adoption of an electronic payment system (Archer, 2007).   The Training: Training program on the impacts of technology on fitness centers. This training is focused on providing leadership skills on how to manage technology-related change in the health care system.

Technology has various impacts all of which have to be constantly assessed, and the right decisions made on how to deal with them. As a fitness center, one of the challenges presented by new technology is the sharing of health wellness and fitness information on the website, by the organization of competitors. This training program will provide skills for the managers and experts involved in such practices, to ensure the organization responds appropriately to technology changes and its effects. Topics to be handled: How to identify when there is a technology-related problem within the fitness center (Assessment) Research on available technology Compatibility testing Implementation Review process


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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