Impacts of Traveling on Health and Lifestyle – Health System Example

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"Impacts of Traveling on Health and Lifestyle" is a good example of a paper on the health system.   Implications of the increase in traveling on health; There are high chances of contracting diseases and infections. Due to the decrease in the hours of sleeping will also have implications for the health of the traveler; mainly his mentality will be highly affected. Change of diet from one place to another will affect one's health either negatively or positively. Increased poor health and health risk factors such as high blood pressure and obesity. Climate change which the traveler is exposed to may lead to high chances of leading to health complications. depending on the reasons for the traveling some facilities or infrastructures may not be accessible to the traveler thus leading to high chances of contracting diseases which might be either water bone or airborne diseases. Some areas are prone to disease outbreaks which are a risk to the traveler for example traveling to west Africa one has high chances of contracting diseases like Ebola which are not treatable thus affecting his or her heath and may cause death. Long periods of inactivity during the traveling period greatly affect the health of people because for one to keep fit needs to be engaged exercise or any type of activity which will burn down the excess fats in the body (Murphy, 1992). Traveling too much also makes people become lazy thus making some people not even to be concerned with their health matters and they may go for days without taking a shower or even changing their clothes which will in return cause health complications’ on their health like causing diarrhea. Unknowingly many travelers are exposed to far greater risks on their health.

for instance frequent flyers and flight crews are susceptible to have health problems the likes of cardiovascular disease and cancer, hearing, and vision loss to increase of radio waves they are exposed to (Aldridge, 2004). Impacts of increase in traveling on people’ s lifestyle One has less time to spend with his or her family thus causing to increase in the gap between their relationships. Taking an unbalanced diet is a lifestyle that can lead to a deficiency of minerals in the body culminating in sickness. Lack of body exercise is a lifestyle that may also lead to obesity. Travelling will change one’ s lifestyle depending on the place he or she is visiting. Traveling will make one a celebrity or famous depending on the place he or she is frequently traveling to; for instance if he travels mainly to high-class people zone, people will consider him as one of them because birds of the same feathers flock together. The type of lifestyle will change depending on the available resources in the region. Traveling changes the lifestyle of a person by changing the type of dressing and health which may be having a negative or positive impact on the life of the person. The lifestyle of a person depends mainly on the region or place he or she comes from and it will be affected influenced by traveling thus bringing conflicts between the person and the people in the community due to culture (Stahl, 2004).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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