Impressions of the Physiotherapy Band 5 Job Market – Health System Example

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"Impressions of the Physiotherapy Band 5 Job Market" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. Finding a permanent job as a band 5 physiotherapist was not easy for the graduates I interviewed since most Trusts that hire on a permanent basis require a certain level of experience which the graduates being fresh from the colleges and universities have not yet acquired. What was easy however to find were temporary positions where they were hired in a contracted manner for a certain period (most were a contract of one year).   During this period, the graduates were able to gain the needed experience, practice most of the theoretical work they had been taught in schools, and most of all, there were able to finally work in teams with others like dieticians, rehabilitation assistants, and even occupational therapists in the name of rehabilitating an individual fully and not only on one aspect.

Most of these Trusts have promised them permanent positions based on their work performance during their temporary working year. The few that got permanent positions were working for individual clients and patients and not for trusts. Since not all the graduates I interviewed got work immediately, most were doing volunteer work in hospitals in order to keep in touch and learn real work experience though it was unpaid.

This according to the graduates made them not forget what they had been taught and exposed them to Trusts and individuals and that is how they ended up getting jobs.   Working as a band 5 physiotherapist is more challenging than just being a student. This is especially true for those who are hired as community physiotherapists because it means more home visits, meet more demanding patients but they also say it's psychologically rewarding as one knows he or she has helped a needy person at the end of the day. Review the literature.

There is a wealth of information on the CSP website about graduate employment. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) is a sort of backbone and main information channel for the general public but more so for the graduates who are seeking to learn in detail (and acquire more information than that taught in school) about the physiotherapists, the real challenges they face, how they have overcome those challenges and the reward they have achieved (most of which is psychological). The website also has sections about policies that relate to physiotherapy including the NHS laws that are in line with physiotherapy.

These act as guidelines to the graduates who are fresh in this field and hence making them avoid problems in the future. There is also a press segment with magazines, research, and publications all dealing with issues of physiotherapy and this is additional knowledge for the graduates. Briefly record your impressions of seeking, and finding work within this job market. After much discussion with the graduates and literature review of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists website, I get the impression that to be a band 5 physiotherapist is one of the few satisfying careers one can engage in.

This is because the work is geared towards social welfare and the outcome of the physiotherapist’ s job is in patient’ s rehabilitation and full recovery (Southorn, 2010, pg. 148). The market is also wide open (even if not immediately for permanent positions) no matter the experience level.

The positive reforms and experiences by the former or continuing patients of physiotherapy in the website give hope to the physiotherapists and aspiring physiotherapists out there as they are not only guaranteed that their work is appreciated but that they will not lack work once they complete their studies (Jones, 2009, pg. 160).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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