Intelligent Healthcare Systems – Health System Example

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"Intelligent Healthcare Systems" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. Technology devices are increasingly being applied in health records and information management. The devices are aimed at ensuring effective information processing and storage, so as to improve healthcare service delivery. The mHelth application Fitbit is a personal health tracking device that has a great effect on clinicians. The healthcare application is utilized as a reference for mobile devices. The mHealth applications aim at enabling clinicians to access critical health information. The radiology specialists also get a lot of benefits from the apps of mHealth.

Radiologists utilize the vendor apps to access key aspects of the health information systems: vendor-neutral archives (VNA), radiology data systems, and picture communication systems. Through the improving health trends and the implementation of cloud computing and VNAs, radiologists are increasingly adopting the technological applications (Reda 2015).                       In 2025, the healthcare systems will mainly be technology-based. The healthcare system is increasingly headed for extreme consumerization. Thus, the devices and applications utilized in diagnostics are becoming leaner, effective, and cheaper. The future diagnostic devices are aimed at safe and smarter, smaller health devices.

The 2025 ultrasound is handheld; for instance, the Philip’ s VISIQ. The future ultrasound involves a plug-and-play instrument that illustrates superior quality images. The ultrasound technology is increasingly being superior as a result of the software enhancement techniques like Platinum that is applicable for Toshiba devices (Reenita 2014). The tools enable the ultrasound scan to be applied as a key diagnostic technique for analyzing cancer and related diseases. Ultrasound is very effective in minimizing pain and in reducing cancer treatment expenses.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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