Internal and External Analysis of St Judes Childrens Hospital – Health System Example

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"Internal and External Analysis of St Judes Children's Hospital"  is an engrossing example of a paper on the health system. The proceeding outline focuses on the organization of St. Jude Children’ s Health Care, which is the first institution created with the core objective of conducting clinical treatment research into critical childhood diseases. The outline will commence with the evaluation and thorough analysis of the internal level. Historical financial performance                       St. Jude’ s financial performance in the past was not very firm. Perchance, due to the fact that it was in its beginning category hence the management may not have been very experienced in that major category.

The health care’ s cash and equivalents exceeded the liabilities greatly, portending that the institution’ s finance was not utilized very effectively. Current financial condition The financial condition of the health care is stable enough to sustain the effective running of the hospital’ s operations at a financial level. This is attributable to the fact that its total assets exceed the total liabilities, hence proving its steady positive financial position. Moreover, health care’ s to be on the increase in comparison to previous years. Internal value chain                       The mission of St.

Jude Children’ s Health Care is to advance the survival rates of children suffering from catastrophic diseases with the inclusion of cancer, through sharing skills and knowledge. The organization goes that extra mile and ensures that all children complete their treatment regardless of low income. If a child’ s family cannot afford to perpetuate treatment they get the perk to let their child finish their treatment to accomplish full healing. The following outline will run an assessment of the external analysis of St. Jude Children’ s Health Care Organization. Political factor and government involvement                       St.

Jude’ s organization shares the available technology and knowledge they have with the local governments and other private sectors of the countries that they partner with across the world. This generous technique enables the institution to improve its treatments and diagnoses thus accomplishing its mission gradually. 2. Professionalism                       The institution’ s promotion of regional and local self-sufficiency works well in the promotion of regional expertise and capabilities. This outreach model in various geographical sectors leads to a distinct overall improvement in health care’ s daily operations.   Economical factorThe health care has partner sites all across the globe, hence it bears cost-efficiency activities inevitably due to the shared resources.

The institution’ s organization is in such a manner that they can reach out to sick children at the local, regional and even international levels. Differentiated service offeringsIt is inevitable to highlight that St. Jude’ s has significant additional quality in the provision of its services. For instance, it invites medical staff from all over the globe to learn and advance their skills from the organization’ s protocols and share their research virtually. Additionally, the organization educates and trains medical teams to enable the enhancement of local capabilities in the promotion of regional and local self-sufficiency. Conduct a five-force analysis of the organization.                       St.

Jude Children’ s Health Care Organization has tackled the problem of other medical rivals interfering with its operations because it has a restructured market that weakens competitor activities in causing industrial pressures. In the case of substitution threat, the institution lays great emphasis on customer engagement, hence optimizing profitability. The institution shares its knowledge and technology on a worldwide level without the fear of new entrants due to its mission.    


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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