Is Jump Roping Helpful – Health System Example

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"Is Jump Roping Helpful" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system.   Jump roping is considered to be an extremely useful activity for every person especially for those who intend to be healthy and fit. This sport is regarded as challenging and fun. Jump roping attains a big number of advantages and everyone is able to find this exercise conducive and actual. What is more, jump rope has an interesting historical background and represents rather opportune conditions in the dimension of training. There are a huge number of developed programs in the area of jump roping that are remained to be appropriate for every peculiar person. First and foremost, it should be admitted that jump rope exercises are regarded as a helpful and effective activity for peoples’ health and body.

Personal comfort and attractive appearance may be achieved with the help of jump roping. Rail mentions that “ jumping rope engages your whole body, with emphasis on your leg muscles, particularly your calves” (n. p.). This sports activity involves the process of workout the whole body and because of this, it is regarded as extremely useful proceeding. Jump roping takes its origin from the Egyptian tradition, as it is admitted that “ the majority of the jump rope history researchers have arrived at a discernible consensus that jumping rope most probably originated in about 1600 B. C.

right when the Egyptians used to jump from the vines” (LifestyleLounge, n.p. ).   This activity is regarded as an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps to improve the work of the heart system and bringing blood and oxygen through the veins and arteries (Rail, n.p. ). It is also explained that “ having excess weight on your body can have detrimental complications” (Rail, n.p. ).

That is why it is important to monitor your weight and Jump roping is the best way to execute it easily and successfully. Weight management and cardiovascular system are considered to be points that can be improved with the help of such training, and by the way, they are very significant for peoples’ life and health. Nevertheless, there are varieties of accidents concerning jump roping that lead to injuries of different kinds. The sportsman can pull muscles, broke the leg, and damage any part of the body with the inappropriate usage of jump rope or exercising in the wrong conditions.

That is why, it is important to “ choose aerobic shoes or cross trainers to provide the most support for your rope jumping session” , “ Select the right sized rope to make the proper form easier to execute” , and “ Master the bounce step” (Cespedes, n.p. ). Also, it should be admitted that this sports exercise is rather cheap and easy in usage. For the jump roping person needs only jump rope, a pair of convenient footwear, and open flat space that is enough for performing this exercise.

Moreover, jump roping is acceptable for every age group and a layer of the population. Every person who is able to jump can deal with rope jumping and occupy this useful and effective kind of sport. All in all, it should be admitted that rope jumping is an appropriate and highly helpful occupation for every person. This exercise assists in the dimension of good health and fit body.   It is easy in usage and brings effective results.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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