Justice in Health Care – Health System Example

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"Justice in Health Care" is an excellent example of a paper on the health system. There is a huge moral importance of health care in the field of nursing. The reason behind this importance is that health is the most important element of a person’ s life and it is the moral responsibility of health professionals to provide the best health treatments to patients. Health care ensures the normal functioning of all body parts which is necessary for any person to obtain the benefits of life. Providing the best health care services is also an ethical obligation because it deals with doing justice in the professional field of life.

Health professionals, in many countries, take oath at the start of their services to do their best for the health of their patients no matter what the circumstance should be. Therefore, to give the due level of respect to the oath health professionals should feel the moral importance of providing the best services to people. Health inequalities are not fair in any case because the provision of health care facilities either through insurance or private care is the moral obligation of health professionals.

Health inequalities pose threats to equal basic liberties and limit the access to services for the least advantaged.   Getting health services is the basic right of every individual no matter what his/her social standing may be. The Utilitarian Theory of ethics also supports the concept of equal health for all. Justice in the case of the provision of equal health services is highly valuable for people because it reduces the feelings of social and political discrimination that they observe in their daily lives.

Therefore, health inequalities are unjust in all cases because they add to the miseries of poor and disadvantaged people. Allocation of fair resources and setting limits to health care is a critical question because it deals with a very important element of a person’ s life. The limits to health care seem to be fair when the government of a country is not able to set an unlimited budget for the health sector due to economic problems. Moreover, limits can also be set considering the age and gender factors.

Some treatments, such as highly active antiretroviral therapy have different effects on the health of men and women. So, limits can be set for men and women depending upon the nature of the outcomes on both genders. Similarly, age can also set limits as some treatments, for example, renal dialysis cannot be recommended over a certain age limit. Therefore, age, gender, and government budget are the main factors that can set a limit to the provision of health care services to people. The information that surprised me the most in the movie ‘ Sicko’ , was that a very large number of American having health coverage is being deceived by the health insurance companies.

Knowing that almost 50 million people in America do not have health coverage is not as shocking as compared to knowing the element of fraud for the people having health coverage. I agree with the viewpoint of Michael Moore which he revealed in the movie. We all know the weak points in the American health care system. Michael Moore has just revealed by making a movie on it. He interviewed real people who have been the victims of deceitful health insurance companies.

This aspect of the movie has made me agree with the viewpoint of Michael Moore.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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