Major Resources and Competencies for Henry Ford Health Facility – Health System Example

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"Major Resources and Competencies for Henry Ford Health Facility" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system. Henry Ford health facility is a system of health care provision outlets in the United States of America. It was set up in 1915 under the initiative of Henry Ford as a non-profit foundation meant to provide health care services to the community. This paper is an outline of the key resources and competencies associated with Henry Ford Hospital.                       Henry Ford Health System’ s core competencies include innovation which they define as making meaningful change to improve products, processes, organizational effectiveness, and creating new values for stakeholders (Bascetta, 2011).

The health system strives to realize these ideals by involving itself in clinical research and technology. The system also focuses its innovative efforts on its facilities, services and access points, and their procedures. Ensuring that all sectors of its operations are innovative the system guarantees its own dynamism and survival. Care coordination is another competence that entails proficiency in coordinating care across the board. This makes sure that there is a uniform quality of service in all its outlets through the coordination of teams involved in service delivery.

This is achieved adaptation of information technology which makes communication and distribution of information fast and efficient. Partnering and collaborating with their patients and stakeholders is a competency that is emphasized. This is because, with the support of these partners, the implementation and execution of key policies would be more successful.                       Henry Ford's health system has a wide range of resources, but the most significant is its human resource. The personnel, in the health care system, is a vital component of the system’ s service delivery (Kovner, 2011).

The health system focuses on maintaining vibrant and committed personnel without which, the health system’ s core competencies would not be realized.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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