Obama's Leadership Style – Health System Example

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"Obama's Leadership Style" is a great example of a paper on the health system. There are various issues that have come to light in the course of the leadership of President Obama. The one, which has proved to be rather catchy, is with regards to the Healthcare Bill. This also happens to be one of the most controversial policies, which have been experienced by the Obama administration. In relation to this healthcare bill, it is of the essence to note that the main intention, which the President had, was to make access to healthcare something, which is accessible by all the individuals regardless of their position in the society.

One of the significant barriers to the access of this healthcare is with regards to the high insurance premiums which have been charged for the purpose of guaranteeing the financial implications that are associated with the treatment of a person. The leadership, which has been undertaken by President Obama, is one, which has ensured that the service, which he offers to the citizens, aims at addressing the very needs, which the citizenry has. This is the main reason why he made healthcare reforms the cornerstone of his campaigns back in the year 2008.

The charisma, which the president had, was particularly influential in ensuring that the electorate maintained the hope in him. The very fact that the President was able to focus on the precise issues, which face a majority of the people, is the one thing that has brought about the success of the universal healthcare program. In this case, all individuals have access to healthcare. This may be the one thing, which has brought about the success of the president in this area when previous national leaders have not been in a position to achieve such a feat. The policy, which was brought to light by the ACA, is actually a policy, which may be beneficial to the individuals who are entitled to insurance cover, but certain variable elements related to the insurance change.

This policy restricts the use of pre-existing conditions for the purpose of determining whether a person is entitled to insurance cover or not. If such a policy were not in place, various individuals would have been locked out from insurance cover.

The reason for this locking out is in relation to the changing conditions, which are not reflected in the initial terms of the contract between the insurance company and the party being covered. The fact that an individual is in a position to get coverage even if the conditions change means that the policy coined by the ACA is one, which is of greater benefit to people. There are various leadership styles that are applied for the purpose of bringing about the realization of certain elements.

The styles, which are in focus, in this case, are with regard to transactional leadership or transformational leadership. A transactional leadership style is one, which will involve a reward or again through which the ideas and policies in which a leader has been implemented. On the other hand, transformational leadership majorly entails the use of leadership skills to bring about a change in a particular system, especially the change that will bring about the alleviation of a certain situation. At the same time, as a result of this change, benefits will be realized by the people.

For this reason, by the fact that President Obama was able to bring to light the importance of his healthcare propositions, the policy which he had with regards to his healthcare plan ended up being adopted.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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