Organizational Foundations: Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham – Health System Example

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"Organizational Foundations: Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system. Brookwood Medical Center is a universal and all-encompassing healthcare facility situated in Birmingham, United States of America. This paper offers a description of the mission, vision, and values of this healthcare institution. This paper also describes how these are evidenced or contradicted in the words and actions of leaders and others in the organization. In addition, this paper offers a discussion of the organizational culture in this healthcare institution, as well as its climate, and also differentiates between the two.

Subsequently, This paper examines and explains how these matters are significant in my role as a nurse. Mission, vision, values Brookwood's mission is to build an excellent, eminent, affordable, and well harmonized and synchronized health care delivery structure for their patients in regions and locales that avail maximum prospects for lasting, durable, and continuing feasibility, practicability, and advancement. Brookwood's main vision is to produce or generate a health care delivery structure of benefit to the twenty-first century. Brookwood has a number of values. These include cultivating and encourage trust, center their interests on individuals, boost or augment value, transform through novelty and originality, and also to guide or show the way through affiliations (Brookwood Medical Center, 2010). Evidence This mission of Brookwood is evidenced by the actions of the leaders through their dedication, devotion, and loyalty to provide high-quality healthcare delivery models and services to their patients.

In addition, the leaders have ensured that all employees working in this health institution are highly skilled and trained individuals. Its vision to generate a well-structured healthcare delivery system is evidenced by the partnership that the leaders have ensured with the community.

This also evidences its values as involving the community in their activities boosts trust, value, and also ensures they focus their interests on individual health. Organizational culture and climate According to Bellot (2011), "Organizational culture is the pattern of basic assumptions which a given group has invented or developed in order to cope with problems" (p. 31). Bellot describes the climate, on the other hand, as "the relatively enduring organizational environment that is experienced by the occupants, influences their behavior, and is described in terms of values or attributes of the environment" (p.

32). One of the organizational cultures in Brookwood is ensuring employee engagement in all the daily activities of the institution. This boosts communication, motivation, as well as elevates the level of productivity. Secondly, the management encourages teamwork. In other words, all healthcare activities are conducted in teams. This helps minimize errors and mistakes as the workers are able to share their experiences and offer solutions to problems.   The organizational climate in Brookwood is caring. This means that the main focus is the needs and desires of the patients.

9t is the norm in the institution to show compassion to the patients, be courteous and respectful to them, and also doing things in a morally correct manner. The climate is also safe. In other words, the safety of the patients is considered with a lot of interest. Significance to my role as a nurse leader As a nurse leader, examining values is important as they act as guidelines and rules that govern behavior (Nelson and Gardent, 2011). Values manipulate the way a nurse conducts himself or herself.

As a nurse, the mission and vision reflect the purpose and goals of the organization. Therefore, these help in motivating a nurse in achieving these goals. They enable a nurse to work towards achieving a particular goal and achieve a target (Collins and Porras, 1996).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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