Prevention of Heart Failure Readmission in Hospitals – Health System Example

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"Prevention of Heart Failure Readmission in Hospitals" is an outstanding example of a paper on the health system. The scope of the nursing role and the setting where the care that is linked to nursing is delivered keeps broadening. The nursing care models that existed since the 60s are actually still being utilized today but they are evolving to accommodate the integration of services. The themes that are coming up in nursing and patient care are the management of care for particular patient populations, the incorporation of services for the variety of healthcare, and the particularly theoretical work that involves coming up with corporate services for clinical care service design, education as well as the design of healthcare professional staff and developing methods for the improvement of quality and also complete quality management (Wolper, 2004, p.

363). Accessibility and utilization. Access to health services that are of a noble eminence is vital for health equity realization and for improving health quality for everyone. Access to these services therefore means that there is the use of personal medical services in a timely manner that will help in achieving the best health outcomes in a manner that is timely.

This new model will make sure that there is the ease in gaining entry into the healthcare system, there is access to healthcare locations that are mandated to provide the required services as well as making sure that the patient gets a care provider to communicate with and trust. The employer-based system of healthcare coverage that exists creates problems that are distinctive in terms of portability and also the accessibility for healthcare for all which makes it unsuitable.

The demand for this service is endless and therefore it has to be checked through several methods which may include a defined basic benefits package and co-payments that are structured on the basis of the ability that a person has to make payments. A good model should be in a position to cater for these problems that are systematic. The chief inspiration for the development of the model is to offer measures that enhance access which will allow the patient to seek care in the event that he or she needs it.

Through the model, care will be as equitable as possible to allow patients to be able to access the care easily while making sure that it is delivered in a manner that is timely. This care will be patient-centered and therefore will make sure that the needs of the patients are catered for wholly. The model will strive to come up with an initiative that is innovative so that it can be able to expand access and coverage in an approach that will set an example to other models that aim at ensuring access for all.

the model will ensure that at a minimum, individuals and their families, will have basic access in order to make sure that there is no financial ruin as well as bringing to a stop the cases where those that are not insured are not taken good care off. This model is to be efficient and at a cost that will be affordable to the people that require it to make sure that there is the ease of access while it also promotes new techniques that are aimed at preventive care.

The patients will not be assigned to a particular caregiver since the caregivers will work on rotation to provide the highly skilled care that will be needed by the patients. The nurses will employ the standardized procedures in guiding their practice and also in the provision of on-site treatment so that they can decrease the need for emergency visits to the hospitals. To keep track of how accessible the model will be and how the patients will utilize it, the nurses that will be a part of it will be taken through recordkeeping and documentation training that will enable them to keep records and documentation that are clear and can be used in future to judge the level of accessibility.

The ease of accessibility and utilization will be measured by the preferences that the patients will have to adopt this model (Institute of Medicine (U. S.), 2001). Technology The United States uses significantly more than the developed country's means on its healthcare but the value that is delivered can be said to be questionable (Ramsaroop, 2001).   Epic is a company that develops software for middle-sized and large medical groups as well as integrated healthcare organizations that work with clients that include among other community hospitals and multi-hospital systems and the software it develops covers clinical, access, and returns purposes and also reaches into homes. Technology can be used to deliver healthcare in this model through providing follow up care remotely to the patients that have previously been admitted for heart failure which will make maximum use of the healthcare resources that are available while providing increased chances that are flexible for the people that use these services to engage with the caregivers and therefore manage their cases in a better way.

The patients that were previously admitted for heart failure will be able to get access to communication from their providers of healthcare through communication emails that will be aimed at availing healthcare information that will help them to take better care of themselves through behavior change to improve their fitness and well being. The technology system that will be employed by the model will help to make sure that there is constant communication between the patients and the healthcare professionals to enable the recovery process and staying healthy after that an easy task and at the same time convenient.

It will be able to enhance the safety of the members as well as that providing access to all-inclusive patient information and the best practices that are most current all in one place. The system will be able to deliver care in ways that will be of outstanding quality and in an efficient manner while supporting preventive medicine by giving the caregivers that will be working with it access to the latest treatments that will be aimed at ensuring that the patients will receive the correct care in a timely manner and also make sure that the rate of readmissions reduces.

The system will have a way of tracing healthcare statistics that will be able to provide graphs while storing personal information about the providers and the locations that the patients can be able to get care. The MyChart application that has been developed by Epic Systems has the potential of coming up with a broad application as the majority of the medical centers use this company’ s system (Jordan-Marsh, 2011). This kind of technology will greatly help to reduce the costs that are associated with providing healthcare since the patients that need a follow up after they have left the hospital after being admitted for heart failure will not have to go all the way to the hospitals to be attended to.

It will also considerably improve the local public health surveillance which will consequently result in a reduced number of cases of readmission of the patients that have previously been admitted for heart failure.

The rate of medical errors will decrease while the customers get better service in healthcare as they will engage in health and self-management.


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