Public Health Policy – Health System Example

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"Public Health Policy" is an outstanding example of a paper on the health system. The impact of interest groups on policy development is undoubtedly popular. Lobby groups such as the American Medical association within the political and economic spheres are engaged to make revenue. In today’ s political era, legislative action is often delayed until just before reelection since the benefits of a policy made not be determined. Buyers and demanders have their own money. The American Medical Association's political position throughout history has been a controversial issue. A special fraternity of its own, the AMA attempts to ban its members from working within the spheres of Medicare.

Since the implementation of Medicare, the AMA has been keen to cut any funds that are channeled to increase the cost of healthcare beneficiaries. One of the prime examples of this type of funding is the Blue cross. Blue Cross is partnered with AMA in order to make a business model that would enable both parties to gain revenue. Hence, the AMA continues to refute to support the plan for single-paying health care that might result due to HIPAA and ACA.                       Companies such as All-State and Blue Cross continue to lobby in Washington DC.

With the new healthcare reform, all insurance companies continue to lobby in order to reap revenue and not make healthcare uniformed throughout the nation. Clearly, in healthcare, the legislations implemented today affect future generations. The realization of benefit may not even be beneficial for those who have the burden to pay it. In addition, Phillip Morris is one of the key companies that continue to lobby in the state capital in order to assure that tobacco legislatures are not implemented in such a way that it would be detrimental to its profit.

Both the HIPPA and ACA are one of the most driving forces in the healthcare industry because they force insurance companies to completely define their strategic mission. HIPPA is the health-reform act that mandates and administers the standards for Electronic Data interchange transactions. Since HIPAA puts strict regulations on patient information, the blue cross-blue shield was forced to renovate its strategy. Moreover, fast food companies are also one of the major industries that continues to lobby and make their mark in Washington DC.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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