Scope of Practice Issues in Medicine – Health System Example

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"Scope of Practice Issues in Medicine" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system. There is a vast revolution in the field of medicine with many new and recent developments. The diagnosis and cure have become faster due to contemporary diagnostic techniques. Medical and health care management is playing a very significant role in the implementation of important actions, which result in improved medical practices. During the last few years, a new trend of non-physician practice has become very illustrious in the health care industry.   Although, these non-physicians render valuable services to the patients in the field of nursing, pharmacy, psychology, acupuncture, occupational and physical therapies, but has been observed that many non-physicians have increased their scope of the job by providing the services and care, which are only reserved, for skilled and specifically trained physicians (American Nurses Association, 2004). Malpractices in medicine include a lot of issues that range from improper diagnosis to maltreatment or negligence in nursing and treatment activities.

As the span is so broad, there are several kinds of medical unprofessional conduct claims made. All the cases are critically analyzed by the experts to establish the nature and cause of the malpractice (Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations, 1999).

It is very difficult to prove maltreatment and malpractice in the field of medicine due to related laws. Court usually gives decisions in favor of a doctor therefore; it is not an easy task for the people to pursue their case in the court. Every state is responsible for the scope of medical practice. Legislatures can establish a relationship between physicians and non-physicians regarding their scope of services.

Another method to resolve the practice issues in medicine is to adopt strategically approach. Medical teams at the national level can organize the efforts of physicians and non-physicians as per the requirement of the community and area. As the physicians have more expertise, specific training, and skills, hence they can provide better and secure services instead of non-physicians, who are comparatively less trained, have limited education and skills. However, if the health care teams are composed of a combination of physicians and non-physicians, premium quality of care can be ensured to the patients (Glen Wilcox, 2001). Advance health care system with modern medical technology has made it possible to cure many diseases.

To reduce the rate of practice issues in medicine, it is important to improve communication between physicians and non-physicians. Communication can ensure an appropriate and good health care medical system. This will further reduce the risks associated with different types of medical and diagnostic methods. It is the true scope of practice issues in medicine comes under the duty of the state legislature. The health care practitioner should have knowledge about all the processes related to laws and policymaking in the field of medicine.

This is the way to serve a quality health care system to every individual of the state. It is important for physicians to identify and acknowledge their role in the field of medicine for supervision and leadership. It is good to work under a team to provide excellent patient care services under the teamwork of a trained and supervised physician.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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