Support Department Costs of a Hospital – Health System Example

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"Support Department Costs of a Hospital" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system. Service divisions in the service industry play an essential role in the organization's smooth planning and running of everyday activities. These departments complement other units in the hospital and assist them in accomplishing the institution's goals. The objective of every organization is to increase its returns and reduce overheads. A hospital has distinct divisions that incur expenses for the business's well-being. These service units need to use allocated funds to render the best carefor patients and maximize returns for the facility.

A hospital's service department can include a communication's department, research, and development, Funding the communication department is a significant step, and the hospital cannot overlook this division. Communication is essential for hospitals because it ensures that patients receive the best care, and hospitals do not incur unnecessary expenses. Without proper communication, hospitals cannot carry the  appropriate diagnoses and procedures; thus, the hospital will incur massive costs if the facility's information is not accurate since the arrival of the patient is not accurate.

Sharing accurate information between doctors, nurses, and specialists is significant. Firms with strong communication strategies can enhance patients' health and save the institution a lot of losses. a health facility may lead to many deaths. Hospitals that have better communication procedures benefit hospital staff and clients. Intra and inter-hospital communication are vital for the team to protect patients, save on expenses and increase the hospital's efficiency. When a hospital accesses a client's records, the chances of medical errors are low. Lack of communication inside Funding the accounting division is essential for the health facility.

This division makes sure that all other departments are funded and that all accounting guidelines are followed, which saves the institution a lot of expenses that may accrue because of fines and charges. The hospital's reputation is also saved. A medical institution's top priority is a patient treatment which must be done in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, physicians and the accounts department should work hand in hand to mitigate a patient's physical and financial pain. Many medical bills are handled by insurance companies and it is important for the accounts department to collaborate with the insurance firm for effective accounting which will ensure that hospital expenses, including staff salaries are paid. Funding the R& D division in a hospital is essential because it can give significant data about the trend of diseases and risk elements, results, prevention, and costs.

When this division in a hospital has positive results, it saves the health facility cost of treating a patient. Experiments can give significant data about the efficiency and impacts of interventions. Research leads to discoveries which in turn helps the hospital aver unnecessary costs. The goal of every health facility is the well-being of the patient and maximize the benefits that accrue from successful client treatment.

In the service industry, service departments get funds to mitigate the risks that may face the firm while trying to maximize the available resources for maximum and efficient results. All service firms should strive to fund their service departments because they need to have a competitive advantage in the medical industry.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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