The AB-50 Healthcare Coverage – Health System Example

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"The AB-50 Healthcare Coverage" is a good example of a paper on the health system. Ab50 Medi-Cal eligibility and enrollment bill will enable better provision of health services than the existing bill. AB-50 health care coverage bill intended to be amended by the state of California in a bid to improve on health care delivery to its citizens will more likely be successful than the existing bill. The Bill was introduced in Assembly in 2012, December 12th, and got amended by 2013, May 1st. The existing bill used to provide for the vagueness of the given service.

In that case, the patient used to apply for the given Medi-Cal program after getting informed by a given healthcare provider. It is then after getting informed about the importance of the program that is when the patient paid to receive the benefits. The existing bill provided health care managers with powers to extend the given terms of services plus force in some way the general public in their area of residence to subscribe to the given Medicaid program.   The issue of health care dates back years back.

The issue of provision of cheaper health care, easy accessibility plus insurance covers for its citizens has constantly been under discussion for many years, but a permanent solution has never been found due to several issues. In health care, it is often faced by various challenges that impede the enactment of certain policies; for instance, market failures, speculation over its outcomes, the poor transmission of information, and insurance uncertainties. Furthermore, there are various drugs and disseminations given by health care that has not proved to be effective to meet patient’ s expectations.

Also, some physicians find it hard to diagnose specific ailments hence find it better to conceal some information from the patient. In the existing bill, the insurance companies found it better to target healthier citizens to make more profits, a move that was not supposed to be so. The government plays a role to ensure its citizens receive quality health care plus a cheap one. The government often faces several challenges in introducing policies that would help the health care ones and for all due to the challenges it faces. In the past few years, the cost of health care rose due to the impact of the global economic crisis resulting in a decline in the number of people enrolling for the Medicaid program.

Furthermore, due to the greed of health insurances to make money, premiums were set much higher than it had initially been stating shunning patients from undertaking the program. In terms of quality, the existing bill did not offer good healthcare. It is estimated that the AB-50 Medi-Cal bill will bring changes in health care by lowering costs, enabling easy access to the services plus improve the quality of health care services provided.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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