The Affordable Care Act and African Americans – Health System Example

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"The Affordable Care Act and African Americans" is a delightful example of a paper on the health system. The section of the Affordable Health Care Act that is discussed in this paper is ‘ The Affordable Care Act and African Americans’ . This section of the Affordable Care Act is significant because African Americans are one of the minority groups that face health and financial issues due to which, they are unable to receive proper health services. In addition, they are also uninsured or receive inadequate coverage and financial security due to which, they do not get health security.

However, because of the Affordable Care Act, they receive health services whether they are insured or not (Hhs. gov. , 2015). The Affordable Care Act for African Americans is crucial because they have the highest mortality rate, as compared to other people of other races and ethnicities. They have several illnesses and they are fifty-five percent more uninsured as compared to White Americans. The diseases that they face commonly are cancer, diabetes, HPV, and many other diseases for which, they require health insurance. Nearly ‘ 1.7 million African Americans’ between the age group of eighteen to sixty-four have received health insurance coverage till October 2013.

Along with these 1.7 million African Americans, nearly eight million African Americans who had a preexisting health condition are also accommodated because of the act. The Affordable Health Care Act is quite supportive of the minority group of African Americans. They are mostly poor and underprivileged due to which, they cannot carry the financial burden of their diseases (Hhs. gov. , 2015). Professional nursing is affected by the Affordable Health Care Act as on the basis of this act, nearly thirty to thirty-four million people will get health insurance coverage.

With increased health coverage, the health professionals appear to be less, and proper health care provision seems far away. The worker shortage will affect Medicaid services and health insurance. The health care industry as a whole can be destabilized. With more stress and workload, vulnerable populations such as minority groups like African Americans can get affected negatively. Health care disparities can be there because of excessive workload (Anderson, 2014). With the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act, the American government aims to provide equal health care services to minorities and the White American population.

The Affordable Health Care Act targeting African Americans and other minorities aims at providing health care services to all whether they are insured or not. However, this policing requires much effort at the governmental as well as the medical end because, with excess health insurance for African Americans, more health care providers are also required in various parts of the country to facilitate those highlighted by the act. The government has invested eleven billion dollars in thirteen hundred health centers for providing health care services to all the minorities and women.

With this investment, the number of patients has increased to five million who receive health care services. In these patients, one of every four is African American (Hhs. gov. , 2015). When the number of people receiving health insurance has increased, the money involved in their care is also increased. The medical professionals seek payment reforms. The health care physicians require 100,000 dollars to increase on annual basis based on the services required and workload that they face (Anderson, 2014).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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