The Changes Faced by Health Care Organizations – Health System Example

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"The Changes Faced by Health Care Organizations" is a great example of a paper on the health system. Various challenges are faced by managers and leaders of health care organizations. Following are the challenges they face: Challenge of Rapid Change in environment and technology Ensuring that workforce is motivated and the best employees are retained Problems caused by Globalization Issues faced due to changes in the legal system in which the organization is operating Issues faced due to lack of financial resources The changes faced by health care organizations will continue changing the current structure face of health care organizations. In every organization managers and leaders experience various challenges and they sometimes fail to cope with these challenges.

Similarly, in a health care organization, leaders and managers come across various problems. These problems include: Rapid Change Challenge: Health Care organizations experience a rapid change in their work setting. With changes in technology and procedures, managers and leaders have to adapt to these changes. They have to cope with the problems that occur due to adaption to these changes. To adopt these changes, managers have to make financial decisions and due to lack of resources, decision-making becomes difficult. Attaining and Retaining Best Human Resources: It is a general concept that an employee working in a health care organization is paid less than it is justified by the responsibility and the work they have to conduct.

Due to such practices, the turnover rate in healthcare organizations is very high. Due to low wages and salaries, the organizations end up losing some of their best employees. The managers in health care organizations even face the issue of forecasting future labor demand and supply. The managers have to even manage the personal and work-related problems faced by employees (Shi, 2006, p. 16). Globalization: Globalization has erased boundaries between countries and the amount of information and resources flowing from one end to another has increased.

The managers have to experience the issue of sorting and selecting the information and resources that are necessary for them. This task has become difficult as there is an enormous amount of inflow and outflow of resources and information. Legal Challenges: The rules and regulations made by the government regarding health care institutions change very rapidly.

Managers have to ensure that their health care organization complies with the changes in legislation. Managers have to ensure that legal boundaries are not crossed as this can have a negative impact on the health of the organizations (Goldsmith, 2011, p. 316). Financial Issues: The amount of money that managers possess in order to control and manage the organization is much less than the number of challenges faced by health care organizations. An increase in changes in technology, medicine, and diseases has resulted in a higher cost for health care organizations. The funds that health care organizations receive from funding activities conducted by governments and private individuals are very scarce to meet the increasing cost of managing health care organizations.

Another major problem is the training cost the health care organizations have to experience. In health care studies, nurses and doctors are not provided training for all the skills they require to deal with patients and management. The managers of health care organizations have to ensure that an adequate amount of training is provided to these individuals for the required skill set. With the rapid changes in the environment, technology, and various aspects of health care organizations, it is expected that challenges for the managers of health care organizations will further elevate.

If managers and leaders of health care organizations are able to counter these challenges and turn these challenges into opportunities, their organizations are expected to perform better in the long run.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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