The Concept of Health and Wellness – Health System Example

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"The Concept of Health and Wellness" is a worthy example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. Health and wellness, are two separate elements that feature prominently in the life of an individual, this has been influenced by persistent campaigns that have been advanced by public health campaigns. Health has been used to describe the all-purpose conditions that define an individual’ s mind and body. In addition, it is also referred to as the complete mental, social as well as physical being of an individual and not necessarily the absence of infirmity or disease.

On the other hand, wellness describes an individual’ s healthy equilibrium of his body, mind, and spirit. These two concepts are highly related in their application; people in the course of discharging their duties and responsibilities often use them. Question 1. Lessons from the components of critical thinking Critical thinking is an important practice that has to be practiced by all people in the social and other dimensions of life including careers. This practice refers to the disciplined procedure of active and skillful conceptualization, application, and evaluation of information. The process of critical thinking comprises of all the examination of structures and elements of thought that is implicit in all ways of reasoning, which include purpose, assumptions, problems, and other empirical grounds that lead to certain conclusions (Horvath, 2011). In critical thinking, principles of health and wellness can be achieved effectively; one can engage in activities that enhance the conceptualization and application of strategies that relate to the two concepts.

Nurses can use their understanding of wellness to advise their patients of various practices that they should follow in treating some diseases and ailments.   Question 2.

Application of critical thinking components to nursing In becoming a professional nurse, an individual has to learn how to think and act like a nurse, this is an essential practice that governs the way they make decisions in discharging their duties (LeMone & Burke 2011). The difference between the nurse and other medical practitioners lies in the way they view clients, their medical challenges, as well as the actions and practices they engage in caring for the particular patient. Health objectives can be achieved effectively through critical thinking, this is because, nurses cab learn the main requirements in the profession, concepts, and ideas as well as particular theories relating to nursing and work out their duties in that understanding.

Therefore, critical thinking is important in developing the intellectual capacities of people, including their skills in making them disciplined and resourceful persons. Question 3. Application of this knowledge In nursing, critical thinking describes the processes used in thinking systematically and in logical ways while discharging respective duties. Critical thinking is essential in approaching clinical issues in open ways, such that nurses and other practitioners can conduct successful reasoning processes in ensuring safe nursing practices. Critical thinking in nursing plays an essential role in helping nurses adhere to the set health standards, observe proficiency as well as proper reasoning.

In addition, nurses are better placed to maintain their commitment to developing and sticking to the intellectual character of their minds, as well as habits of good thinking (Schmehl2014). Additionally, they can effectively make good use of their thinking skills in the process of making sound judgments and other safe decisions in their profession, as well as in health and wellness.

They use their knowledge in deciding on the approaches to handle their patients effectively, helping them in their healing and other lifestyle choices and patterns.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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