The Concept of Health Insurance – Health System Example

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"The Concept of Health Insurance" is a controversial example of a paper on the health system. The concept of health insurance plays a very pivotal role in American  society and most of the medical facilities are provided at either free of cost or the most minimal cost.   The Preventive and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was  conceptualized  in 2009 but came into complete acceptance in 2010, under President Obama’ s leadership. The ACA mandated that the  preventive health services are uniformly made  available to the public and it also included that more essential medical facilities be  included  at a minimal cost.

It conceived  the notion that all  evidence-based  preventive services and wellness options should be provided  and included in the normal health insurance plans as offered by insurance giants like Medicare and Medicaid.   The ACA mandate ensures that certain definite preventive care services and medical items are provided to patients without them having to share the cost of these.   The biggest challenges that the ACA faced were penetrating the already existing health care systems and the legal issues involved in health care. (Jacobs &   Skocpol, 2010)  Public health and healthcare are two prominently different concepts and practices.

Healthcare ideally includes organizing, financing, and delivering healthcare services to an individual on a need basis. It caters to more of the curing aspect of health rather than providing preventive measures.   Public health on the other hand involves health services catering  to the threats or needs of a  complete society  on the whole. It is more focused on the integral health and  well being  of the society rather than an individual.   ACA has wiped out these differences, stating that society  needs uniform  medical service and not be segmented.   The other battle the ACA has is with the legal framework and various protocols that exist  within the system making the medical services not easily available to the general public.   The legalities of the system have  often  been an  obstruction  between accessing medical services and  being  able to benefit from them.

The ACA mandate has been able to overcome these issues, by including the preventive health services in most of the health care policies. (Cogan,   2011)  Crucial  viewpoints:   The Affordable Care Act  is considered to be  a breakthrough in the national health reform movement. ACA has successfully promoted preventive medicine and services rather than the curative method, thereby bridging the gap between public health and healthcare.

It has proven that the preventive measures are more effective and when provided on a uniform basis at a national level, helped to reduce the medical costs  and also  improved health on a larger scale.   These in turn  have a direct impact on the entire medical domain and  adverse  possibilities have come into the debate.   There are possibilities that with increased services, the physicians may get overburdened, and that in turn might affect the quality of work. The increase in services and no cost to be borne by the patient may lead to economical imbalance within the medical community.

There could be pay reductions, cost-cutting, compromise on quality, etc. which in turn will affect the society  on the whole.     The ACA mandate could have a direct impact on society with  the number  of uninsured people  decreasing to a certain extent. It could also have an impact on the national revenue  since the cost of the preventive care services would be borne by the Government,   thereby;   there would be a steep increase in the revenue spent on national health.   Thus, it can be concluded that the ACA mandate can usher in positive outcomes with a  probability of some shortfalls which if handled early and quickly, can be turned around.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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