The Department of Health and Human Services – Health System Example

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"The Department of Health and Human Services" is a wonderful example of a paper on the health system.               The mobile phone is a device that is commonly owned by numerous adults 75 years or older and this device has been utilized by the Department of Health and Human Services in order to enhance the lives of the elderly. In fact, this device offers a chance for the elderly to reach people for assistance whenever they need them, whereby creating peace of mind. Nevertheless, the device has been used to contact other people, connect to social media sites, and other purposes.

There are evolutions in the mobile device industry that have contributes to the addition of features for the customers, whereby these devices are designed to suit the needs of the elderly. Therefore, mobile devices have been used to offer visual or hearing assistance to the elderly, whereby they use a large screen for displaying and navigation. Moreover, numerous devices have been attributed to features, which are enhancing the quality of health care services offered to the elderly.

                        On the other hand, there is a need to focus on the ideas that can assist in identifying the device that can suit personal needs; thus, making it necessary to identify features that should be in the device (Groves, 2011). In fact, this can be used as a way of easing the process of deciding the kind of mobile phone device to be used by a certain elderly person. One of the attributes that should be identified in the device is the ease to use, whereby the device is expected to offer a simple way of accessing the essential features that are regularly used.

For example, the user should have a list of numbers saved on a contact list using speed dialling in order to make it easier during an emergency.                       The keypad should be large enough for the elderly people to dial easily and comfortably, whereby one should consider a model with raised and separated keys. Therefore, this can make it easier to enter contact information, text, paling, and receiving calls for the elderly, and in this way, the mobile device can efficiently serve its purpose.

On the other hand, mobile phone devices used to assist the elderly are expected to have a display that is bigger and brighter to make it easy to read, in fact, it should have an option for increasing the size of the font used by the text.                       The other feature that is designed to assist the elderly relates to the ringtones and earpieces, which is expected to be adjustable by pushing a button and the volume of the speakers should also make it easier for them to hear.

Therefore, these mobile phone devices are designed to function with hearing aids to assist the elderly. The mobile phone devices are designed in terms of the way they are used, while others are fitted with additional features such as the ability to send picture messages and others offer a chance for valuable upgrades. In this case, the Department of Health and Human Services chooses a device that has the features that suit the needs of their elderly patient in order to make it easy for the patient to contact them during emergency cases or when they need health care services.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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