The Importance of Medical Professionalism – Health System Example

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"The Importance of Medical Professionalism" is a perfect example of a paper on the health system. Medical professionalism in the present scenario is based on providing quality treatment as well as medication services as compared to traditional medical practices, which was based on different aspects that include self-regulation, mastery, and autonomy. Presently, there has been an immense change in the field of medical practice in comparison to the apprentice system practiced during colonial times. The growth as well as the change in medical practices can be witnessed with respect to technologically advanced medical instruments.

Additionally, medical professionals are also required to ensure that medical treatment services and medications are offered ethically (Sultz & Young, 2010). In this regard, the research paper discusses the changes in medical practices and medical doctors over the past 100 years. The Medical Doctor’ s Professional Changes over the Past Century In the present modern-day context, medical professionals are required to be contemporary in their approaches, so that quality care, as well as treatment services, are provided to patients. Medical practices have changed from the past 100 years in a significant manner with respect to different fields that include training, regulation, and education.

Presently, medical professionals are also required to perform their care as well as treatment services on basis of medical standards and in accordance with the needs of society. The government of the United States of America (US) had made adequate investment as grants towards medical schools as well as hospitals with the aim of ascertaining that medical professionals are able to perform their care services effectively during complex medical conditions and treatment requirements. Additionally, university medical centers and academic health centers are offered with the aim of providing different medical as well as professional programs.

Medical professionals with the assistance of professionals as well as medical programs are able to meet treatment as well as care needs of patients successfully (Sultz & Young, 2010). Presently, academic health centers are recognized to be equipped with advanced as well as specialized technologies. In this respect, medical professionals are required to be competent in the clinical field, so that appropriate treatment, as well as care services, are provided successfully with the assistance of advanced medical instruments.

Presently, medical professionals are also needed to make effective professional judgment and develop fiduciary relationships in order to build trust with patients (Sultz & Young, 2010). At present, medical professionals are required to be competent in order to provide sophisticated care as well as treatment services in different centers that include burn centers, trauma centers along with neonatal intensive care centers. Additionally, medical professionals should operate technologically advanced instruments with the aim of offering appropriate treatments in relation to neurologic, cancer, and heart disease. Changes in the medical practices are implemented with the intention of ensuring that medical professionals are able to perform their activities in a time-efficient as well as responsible manner.

It has been identified that there is an increased demand for medical professionals including nurses, dentists, physicians, and pharmacists among others. In this context, the change in the healthcare system in relation to advanced technology and healthcare sector expansion has changed the practices of medical professionals (Sultz & Young, 2010).                                               Historical Changes in Medical Practices During the colonial time in the history of the US, medical schools were not developed as it is now.

At that time, the women would treat in their home with medical herbs. Traditionally, the healthcare sector was identified as unstructured, as doctors did not possess proper medical qualifications as well as training. At that time, doctors learned their job responsibilities by working as apprentices in coordination with practicing physicians. There was a lack of proper medical schools, training facilities, and medical facilities. Doctors visited patients and their fees were based on the services offered i. e. ‘ fee for service’ . In this regard, at present, it has been recognized that concern has been emphasized towards medical education.

Additionally, medical practices are required to develop a strong ground in science as a pre-medical requirement. Measures are undertaken to ensure that the medical curriculum is standardized. Medical professionals in order to develop their medical practices through research as well as training services are provided with full-time faculty. In this respect, medical professionals with growing healthcare demands as well as needs have developed healthcare organizations with the aim of improving health coverage and meet the needs of society as a whole.

Medical professionals in order to practice medicine are required to obtain a license. Moreover, medical professionals to be specialists are required to have pursued courses in respective course subject areas (Clark, 2011; Sultz & Young, 2010). The Current Trends in the Healthcare Industry and the Impact on Physicians and Medical Practices Currently, it has been identified that the healthcare industry is developing at a rapid pace with the aim of improving care as well as treatment quality and healthcare coverage. In the US, the number of outpatient clinics has increased substantially.

Additionally, the increased number of hospitals, management firms of physicians, and health insurance companies has changed medical practices and the practices of physicians. Moreover, physicians are determined to play a pivotal role in the spending of healthcare on the ground of referrals, hospital admissions, and tests among others. The change in the present medical practices has been observed owing to the fact of complex medical management and a decline in the ratio of compensation. In this respect, doctors are recognized to get themselves employed in outside healthcare institutions in order to have a better secured time schedule as well as salary structure.

Subsequently, physicians are identified to face difficulties in hiring doctors for providing medical services in a small practice. Contextually, the development of the healthcare industry might assist in managing healthcare costs and also ensure quality care as well as treatment services (Kirchhoff, 2013; Sultz & Young, 2010). Conclusion It can be comprehended from the foregoing discussion that medical practice has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. Historically, healthcare was unstructured and doctors offered treatment and care services on the basis of ‘ fee for services’ .

Medicines were based on herbs and doctors were not competent in providing effective treatment particularly during sophisticated health situations. In this present-day context, significant diversification can be seen in the US healthcare industry and the practice of medical professionals. Besides the healthcare sector in the US can also be seen to implement technologically advanced equipment in providing different treatment services to meet the growing health care needs of US society. The drastic development of the healthcare sector has aided in managing healthcare costs.

Additionally, measures are undertaken with the intention of ascertaining that quality care as well as treatment services are offered to patients.                                                                                                                                                  


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