The UNT Health Science Centre – Health System Example

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"The UNT Health Science Centre" is a gorgeous example of a paper on the health system.   UNT Health Science Centre in Texas is one of the leading institutes that offer excellent degree programs in the various fields of interdisciplinary academic areas of interest and research. I am a dentist by profession and would like to pursue a program in dental Public health. The prerequisite qualification for that is MPH (master in public health). Hence, I am highly interested in applying for the Masters in Public health degree program from this institute for spring 2012.

The Centre has an envious reputation of offering a highly personalized degree. It also promotes a wide scope of personal development by facilitating cross-cultural interaction and community development with high sensitivity towards social issues. It thus offers excellent academic programs with opportunities for personal growth. I am a dentist with around eleven years of clinical experience with patients. I have always been very interested in dentistry and have been a topper all through my dental college years. I am very passionate about my profession and have a strong sense of commitment to community welfare.

My main aim is to serve the community through public awareness programs about oral hygiene and oral health. The current scientific research has shown that oral health is an important factor for a lot of systematic diseases. A holistic approach through public healthcare deliverables has increasingly become an important element of success in creating awareness about diseases and hygiene. In contemporary times, the rising cost of healthcare imperatives like accessibility to quality medical care which is cost-effective has increasingly become difficult, especially for poor and the under-privileged segment of society.

My keen interest in social work and community development has provided me with the opportunities to use my dental degree for the wider welfare of society. I believe that I can make a significant contribution by educating people about preventive techniques and methods for dental diseases. The oral hygiene and dental health play a critical role in the healthcare of individuals. Treatment of dental diseases is also very expensive. Creating awareness regarding dental health in the community would make a substantial difference in their overall health and welfare. The program from UNT would equip me with knowledge and skills in organizing public campaigns on healthcare.

My expertise would not only add value to the programs but would also help the community so that they can use preventive measures for fighting dental diseases. My eleven years of work experience in dental clinics have been an inspiration for broadening my scope of the work area to include more comprehensive healthcare issues involving community welfare. This program would instill a distinctive understanding of the wide-ranging implications of healthcare issues and help develop a wider perspective towards dental disease. I believe that I have a serious inclination towards community development.

I have a unique ability to bond with people which I can use to spread awareness about the finer points of dental diseases. The knowledge about the preventive measures would contribute to the better health of people at large. I, therefore, strongly believe that getting admission here would help me realize all my dreams.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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