The Veteran Affairs and Healthcare – Health System Example

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"The Veteran Affairs and Healthcare" is a controversial example of a paper on the health system.   The article highlights the scandal that engulfs the Veteran Affairs. The corrupt nature of the body’ s management system has been ongoing for years, but recent revelations have caused the intervention of the president and public uproar. The scandal displays a massive depletion of health resources in the United States and the collaboration of unethical civil servants and medical practitioners (Zezima, 2014).                       The article is of great significance to the American public health system. The public has the right to know the depth at which the VA is corrupt.

Veterans in the United States should be provided with care after their duty time in the army is terminated. This shows respect and ensures they are provided with the required medical attention (Zezima, 2014). However, the scandal has minimized the appropriateness and effectiveness of the process.                       Factors that led to health care based on the lack of scrutiny in the operation of federal government employees. If the government is keen enough, the corruption in VA would have been stopped considering that it has been practiced for years.

Another factor is the fact that some ex-soldiers are of age which minimizes their activity levels to follow up on their state rights.                       After encounters in war, it is an obvious assumption that soldiers may be exposed to numerous health effects. For instance, Zezima (2014) points out that, cancer patients legible for the VA compensation scheme have died since service delivery has been delayed. If the VA was responsible enough, the health status of veterans would have been improved and increase their life expectancy.                       From the health disparity pointed out, I would recommend the scrutiny of the entire body.

The process should also include the sacking of corrupt officials. In addition, medical practitioners involved should also have their medical licenses revoked. The public is right to be provided with transparency on the issue.                         The credibility of the article is exceptional. Firstly, the article analyzes the functions and mandate of the VA before explaining the scandal that engulfs it. This ensures the reader understand the main content of the article.

Moreover, the author provides content as witnessed; thus, minimizing the inclusion of personal opinions that would dent its effectiveness. In addition, the text incorporates information from other printed sources that would provide much knowledge on the issue.                       In regards to the provision of information, the article provides enough information that would be required to understand the issue presented. The author includes an overview of the functions of the VA and its purpose of creation and then provides information on how the scandal has dented its effectiveness. Additionally, the article incorporates the effect of the influence of the VA scandal.                         Regardless of the effectiveness of the article, the author would have included recommendations that would be appropriate to change the body.

In addition, also eliminates personal opinions from the author. It could have been more helpful to include a personal reflection as well as provide possible and liable measures that would increase the effectiveness of Veteran Affairs.


Zezima, K. (2014). Everything you need to know about the VA, and the scandals engulfing it. 30th May, 2014. Retrieved from
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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