Use and Characteristics of Electronic Health Record Systems – Health System Example

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"Use and Characteristics of Electronic Health Record Systems"  is an engrossing example of a paper on the health system. Healthcare can be reached the patients in several ways. The first is the Inpatient setting; this is where the patient is formally given admitted to the healthcare center. The patients are treated in the utmost care in the hospital facilities with acute care providing a variety of nursing, hospital and ancillary care to the patient admitted. In the same setting, the patient is given long-term care where he is provided more complicated health services with a more skilled nurse, dietary, and social services, Wennberg & Gittelsohn (124).

The second health care delivery service is the outpatient service. The patient is not admitted to the healthcare facilities rather stays there for about 24 hours or less. The patient may be given ambulatory care services and treatment such as hospice care and home health. The third one is home health services. This is the system given at home and mostly to elderly patients who are stricken by chronic diseases. Fourth, is the hospice care, a service delivery system that a patient gets treatment through.

This is the situation where the health record has shown that the patient has at least six months to live, Wennberg & Gittelsohn, (127). The average length of stay is a statistical calculation used in health services to make healthcare plans. Two methods of healthcare services calculation are used. The first is by dividing the total discharge days by total discharges. This will give you the average length of stay in days. The second method is by dividing total impatient days of care by total admissions, also giving in days, Robinson & Luft, (69). In modern days, health service is using a hybrid health record system.

This is the combination of both paper and computer systems. Each is used as a backup for the other in case one fails. However, the computer system is widely used because of its efficiency, Hsiao (212). Medical review records are data used by a medical researcher. Gender Male Female Name N/A yes Officer in charge N/A Dr. James Disease diagnosed N/A Hypertension Delivery system N/A Outpatient How long N/A 6 Months   HIPAA process is a process carried out in health services to ensure protection from criminal and injustice practices in the health facilities.

It provides rules and regulations on federal protection in healthcare services. The information (health record) of the patients should not be disclosed without patient consent. It assures the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the patients’ information, Joint Policy Committee (127). During an internship, the clinical officer always expects to have a clean, integrate, a cooperative, respectable and organized student who will well perform his duties as per his knowledge and drive. On the other hand, the students expect to get an educative, resourceful, organized and respectful health supervisor. Some of the appearance and grooming factors that help to maintain professionalism are personal image, posture, personal skills, cleanliness & neatness, dressing code, and grammar during the speech.

The factors help to maintain professionalism in the working place. A stereotype is a condition whereby an individual believes in something and generalizes the whole population on that aspect he believes. The stereotype is the aspect that many people use to characterize a group of people. The person’ s first expression is based on the stereotype he has on that group, Steele & Aronson (195). Maintaining professionalism after working hours is an important aspect as the person always acts as per the requirements of his profession.

With this, the person gains some respect from society and he also practices making him better in his profession. Health is an important thing for any employee. However, it is most important in health officers. The health officers should always be healthy so that they work with efficiency while working. It also set a good example to be treated by a health worker. Good time management helps the officer to work completely without delay delaying the job.

Time is a key factor in management and production. Some of the work management techniques are, better planning, prioritizing and delegation of jobs to different workers, McKean (120). Practicum is an important way of getting the direct feel of what is done outside books. It helps to practice all the theories that have been learned in class. It opens the student’ s mind to the real world. One of the ways to prepare for a practicum is that first have a time management schedule. Secondly, try to get all the rules and regulations that guide your premise.

And lastly, be flexible. This will prepare you to work at any condition in case you are required by your company. During the practicum, one must be respectful. This will build some trust in the mind of your supervisor. Secondly, be ready to learn. Ask any relevant questions from relevant officers. Third, be presentable. How presentable you are helping to increase trust and approachability by your supervisor. These behaviors will ensure a successful practicum session. During the practicum, the student is supposed to maintain confidential patient information from irrelevant individuals.

This is not the only requirement from the ministry but also as a way of making the patient trust you and this helps you to interview the patients in a successful manner. Keeping journals during practicum is important as it helps the student to plan his duties well. It helps in time management and hence no delay delaying activities. Putting the practicum site first helps the student always to be prepared psychologically if there is an emergency call. It is a psychological way of always being alert on the activities of the facility attached. Practicum is an important factor for the student.

In fact, studies have been done, and the report is that most students get their first employment in the premise they were attached to. Attachments not only cater to academic things but also social life and employment factor. For a practicum to be successful, the general principles that should be followed are that the attached should be treated as an employee of that facility. Secondly, there should be no torturing of the employee and third there proper procedures outlined to be followed during practicum.

Fourth, the employee should also follow all the rules and regulations in the facility. The protocol is a format of rules of digital in which data exchange takes place between or among computer systems in a network. The computers must be connected to the same network to be able to share and exchange data among them. Part B If the receptionist is not responding to the phone call, I will first pick the call. Then I will go and interrogate why she is ignoring the calls but in a respectful manner.

I will give her a warning and the next time she repeats the same I report her to the line supervisor. In the case of my neighbor being a patient in my practicum site, I would first go to her just to enquire how she is and encourage her to wait for his chance to arrive. Every person will be tempted to pass him through the queue but this a kind of corruption and I would not personally practice it. For the employees who leave that early, I will first approach him and explain to him the importance of integrity and good behavior in the job.

I will try to caution him and counsel him before reporting him to the supervisor. For any manager, time management is a great skill. In the case of the invitation to a party, I will first way out which is a more important activity to attend. With this, prioritization is important because we prioritize the most important activity. In this case, I would prepare for the interview on Friday rather than attend the party. Integrity is an important thing.

I would go with my three years of job experience in the interview. Try to convince the interviews on my qualifications and what is capable of. Whether the company requires an official transcript or not, being faithful is an important thing. I will just go with my grade rather than make any alternation. I will go waiting for the truth to appeal to me.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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