Medical Errors – Medical Ethics Example

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"Medical Errors" is a wonderful example of a paper on medical ethics. The article notes that patients seek to know whether hospital administrators have concerns about the safety and quality of care (Pronovost 1). Many hospitals have the weak infrastructure to support safe and quality healthcare. The article notes that some hospital boards organize meetings with patients who suffered from medical errors. Hospitals can improve the safety and quality of healthcare by using top-to-bottom accountability for performance (Pronovost 1). Indeed, the article notes that discipline, rigor and infrastructure, meaningful measures, and objectivity, and allowing health specialists to do certain health activities would reduce medical errors (Pronovost 1).

In addition, trustees should concentrate and understand a safety and quality statement to reduce medical errors and meet healthcare targets. Ultimately, the article recognizes the challenges of attaining safe and quality healthcare (Pronovost 1). The article is likely to have a positive impact since it will inform hospital administrators on how to ensure safe and quality healthcare thus reducing medical errors. The article will also inform health officials on the challenges of improving the safety and quality of healthcare.

As such, the article will show hospital officials how to make safety and quality a priority at hospitals. I agree with the article on how hospitals can make safety and quality a priority to reduce medical errors, prevent harm, and improve patient outcomes. I agree that sustained improvements achieved through top-to-bottom accountability for performance can lead to safe and quality healthcare. Indeed, accountability will ensure that health specialists and administrators promote discipline and do the necessary using the required skills to serve patients better.   I think the article is relevant for addressing medical errors.

The article is short, detailed, clear, current, and reliable since it focuses on how to make safety and quality a priority at hospitals. The article also recognizes the challenges of removing medical errors.  


Pronovost, Peter. “The Key to Making Safety and Quality a Priority at Hospitals.” The Wall Street Journal, Mar 26, 2015. Web. 1 April 2015. <>
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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