What Is Ethical Behavior for an Academic Adviser – Medical Ethics Example

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"What Is Ethical Behavior for an Academic Adviser"  is a perfect example of a paper on medical ethics. Patients within the society need to identify their personal doctors who can give them advice on the appropriate time when to take drugs, travel, and foods are eaten. Further, the health institution should have qualified and trained doctors and nurses who can handle patients with care and understanding. The patients, however, are required to know the right moments of visiting the health institutions. Only emergency issues can be given chance at any time and can be handled by the current doctor in charge and were not possible, immediate advice should be given to find the way out.   Does Jerry’ s medical training qualify him to issue the refill order? Jerry is fully qualified to issue a refill order.

As a medical assistant and professionally trained in both medical and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), an individual has all ideas and knowledge of handling patients. What is necessary required in every field of success is all about specialization, understanding, and professionalism. In connection to this, Jerry qualifies to offer a refill order to any patient.

Even though Jerry is working as an office assistant of Dr. William, he has professional training in medical assistant. Moreover, Jerry is linseed as a practical nurse (Fremgen, 2010). This automatically suggests that Jerry has certified credentials in handling health-related matters in case of any emergency.   On the other side, with long-stay as an assistant Dr. of William, it is Jerry evident that he has performed several clinical and administrative tasks within the health institution. Further, Jerry has known medical terminologies and charting abbreviations that qualify him to have an in-depth understanding of the Valium.

With reference to this, Jerry is legally authorized to interpret, diagnose and handle any health problem to any patient. Would it make a difference if the medication requested were for control of the high blood pressure that the patient critically needs a daily basis? Why or Why not? Actually, there will be no difference. Taking off the antidepressants has some benefits but to a certain extent. High blood pressure is can be caused by depression to some individuals. It is evident that Jerry automatically issued antidepressant tablets.

These tablets are not that effective to patients since they can’ t work well in cases of mild depression, but they always become effective in relieving the symptoms most especially in cases of severe depression. The daily basis of taking antidepressant tablets has various ranges of side effects to the users. Some effects of these antidepressant tablets can be mild to users such as feeling sick and insomnia among others. If Jerry calls in the refill and the patient has an adverse reaction while flying, is Jerry protected from a lawsuit under the doctrine superior?

I automatically suggest that Jerry should be protected. On many occasions, we get to find that most patients may go under severe conditions despite the fact that they were handled by most professional doctors within a given field of specialization (Buck et al, 2010). Their condition may times results in loss of life, but the people in charge including the doctors are innocent. In relation to Jerry’ s case, Jerry needs to be protected from a lawsuit because; the doctor in charge in the first place was not around and the patient had a busy schedule that can’ t miss taking place.

In relation to this, Jerry also as a professional had to chip in to save the situation. Secondly, Jerry is licensed as a practical nurse. He is authorized to have control and save the situation related to health matters. Lastly, Jerry as a medical assistant has a responsibility to take action while the senior is not around. What is the advice to Jerry? As a professionally trained with a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) individual, I can advise him to offer any health problem matters where necessary.

On the other side, I can advise Jerry to take action only to his areas of specialization with regardless of unclear understanding about the situation. Finally, Jerry should only take the responsibility where there is no otherwise and most especially when he is the only person in charge remaining within the health care institution and the condition is worsening to the patient to avoid minor cases. Identify major legal and ethical issues that may affect Jerry’ s decision. Legal, ethical issues are the standards within an individual environment and are accepted by the majority.

The ethical thinking takes consideration of the intricate processes that are used to consider the impact of Jerry’ s action on patients (Chmielewki, 2014). Even though Jerry took the responsibility as a routine, he later might have experienced an unexpected ethical dilemma where the unusual situation occurs suddenly. However, Jerry may on the other side be affected by ethical decision-making that involves choice and balance. Therefore, while someone is making ethical decisions, Jerry was to consider what is reasonable for the situation. What problem-solving methods might be helpful to assist in making an ethical decision? While one is involved in any problem, an immediate solution is needed to sort the matter out.

The solving methods should be appropriate for handling the situation. In connection to this, one is required to select the best option to avoid vagueness (Chapman, 2015). Besides that, on is expected to compare and contrast the pros and cons that are useful and where there is a bigger and complex problem, one is required to create a pattern that may enable measurements in relation to different strategic factors such as PEST and SWOT.

Finally, one is also required to gather all the facts and understand their causes. In summary, in matters related to health problems requires in-depth knowledge and understanding in order to handle. The patients are also required to have their specific doctors who have an adequate understanding of their nature to prevent health complications.   However, health specialists need to offer appropriate health treatment to their clients in a more standard way. The patients on the other side are required to visit their doctors at the right time unless they have emergency issues.

The patients, however, require avoiding traveling and unnecessary movement after medication in order to avoid drug complications and reactions.


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