Obesity as a Matter of Global Concern – Metabolic Problems Example

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"Obesity as a Matter of Global Concern" is an important example of a paper on metabolic problems. Obesity is a pathological condition that has now become a matter of global concern. It is a disease associated with the excessive accumulation of fats in the body of an individual. Obesity is a condition that can be the base for many degenerative diseases affecting major bodily systems and an interesting aspect is that it can also affect the psychological condition of a person (Standford Hospital and Clinics 2010). It is a very common condition in the United States with two-thirds of the population of the United States suffering either from obesity or increased weight and approximately one-third of the population being obese according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (Weight Control and Information Network 2010).

The epidemic has resulted in an increased number of health issues taking place in America including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension (NIH & NHLBI)      As American individuals have come to know about the pathological condition of obesity they have taken several steps to prevent obesity.

The government has taken several initiatives in this regard so that they can promote activities that would decrease obesity. Michelle Obama announced a plan known as ‘ Let’ s Move’ which was targeted at childhood obesity. Through this plan, the children of schools were being urged to take part in physical activities and consume a better diet.   A specific amount of budget was allocated in this regard so children could learn more about obesity and follow the steps which would prevent obesity. Currently, many schools have imposed state programs which help children to increase physical activity and have a balanced diet as per the requirements of their body.

The calories that they intake are usually burnt with the help of physical activity and if this is not done then the BMI of that individual would increase resulting in obesity. The American individuals with the help of different programs are now more educated about the causes of obesity and hence have taken different steps to decrease obesity. Schools primarily have been targeted by the government so as to decrease the junk food being eaten in schools (Chappell 2010).     Similarly, adults have also become aware of obesity as an epidemic and have taken different steps.

Several cases regarding the adults have taken place in America in which obese individuals performed healthy practices to decrease their weight. Leslie Sutton can be considered as a successful individual who got over the problem of obesity after changing her diet plans by consulting health practitioners (Success Stories). Studies carried out by CDC showed that the progression of obesity in adults and children had slowed down in recent years.

The experts clearly highlighted that it was because of different awareness programs regarding obesity which have helped adults and children to lower down the progression rate. In simple words, awareness programs have helped the obese individuals to move towards a healthy diet consisting of more vegetables and increased physical activity (Jeffrey Kluger 2010)       With greater knowledge about the causes of obesity in an individual, it is seen that the Americans have taken great steps in decreasing obesity. The parents are also realizing the extent of the problem in children and are taking steps such that their children do not suffer from obesity.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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