Ophthalmology Essay Examples

Achromatopsia and Age Related Macular Degeneration

"Achromatopsia and Age-Related Macular Degeneration" is an engrossing example of a paper on ophthalmology. When a human eye does not utilize cone vision because of a lack of a number of efficiency of the cone photoreceptors exactly in the retina’s centre, the person is said to suffer from a condition called Achromatopsia. 

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Retina: Abnormal Findings and Their Causes
"Retina: Abnormal Findings and Their Causes" is a well-written example of a paper on ophthalmology. In a normal retina, the blood vessels originate from the nasal side of the disc. In addition, the arteries are thinner compared to the veins (Hartnett, 2014). A normal retina also has a cup-to-disc ratio of not less than 0.8, with a physiologic limit of at least 0.5.…
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Eyes and Ears Plan of Care
"Eyes and Ears Plan of Care" is a well-written example of a paper on ophthalmology. Conjunctivitis has a wide range of causes. It can be caused by bacteria or a virus. Certain times it does occur as a result of a certain disease or even allergy. These attack the conjunctiva leading to effects like the discharge of the eye as in the case of Marcus.…
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