The Effects of Environmental Pollution on Health in South Korea – Poisoning, Toxicology&Environmental Health Example

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"The Effects of Environmental Pollution on Health in South Korea" is an exceptional example of a paper on poisoning, toxicology, and environmental health. Environmental pollution is a major problem in South Korea and its effects on health are devastating. The demand for energy in South Korea has been increasing over the years and this has increased the level of air pollution.   Agricultural and industrial wastes contribute to water pollution in the country. In addition, South Korea has very many vehicles that largely contribute to air pollution. Seoul has the highest level of pollution in South Korea.

The high level of pollution has negative effects on human health. The South Korean government has put measures in place to reduce the level of pollution in the country. Some of these measures include investments in nuclear energy and replacing diesel cars with natural gas vehicles. The government has also introduced legislation that will control water pollution especially from industrial and agricultural activities (Bowden, 2005, p. 52). Despite the efforts by the government to control pollution, the health status of many South Koreans has been deteriorating due to the prevailing level of air and water pollution.

Migration to urban centers has exposed more people to air pollution and this, in turn, affects their health. Teranishi (2005) indicates that one major limitation to the successful implementation of environmental policies in South Korea is the lack of an administrative agency with a mandate to look into environmental issues. This means that the government develops environmental policies that are not implemented effectively. Consequently, pollution and its adverse effects on human health have persisted in South Korea for many years.

It is important to look into the implementation stage of environmental policies in South Korea.   If these policies are implemented in all parts of the country, the level of pollution will reduce. Consequently, the health of individuals will improve. Elected Official letter Dear Sir, I am writing to request your support in addressing the increase in health complications associated with pollution in the country. These complications are common among people living in urban areas and include airborne and water-borne diseases. Pollution has been a problem in South Korea for many years and the government has made significant efforts to deal with the problem.

Policies have been formulated including using alternative sources of energy and controlling industrial wastes. However, these policies have not been fully implemented in all parts of South Korea. As a result, pollution has persisted and continued to affect national health. There is a need to establish an administrative agency that will address pollution in South Korea and ensure that environmental policies are fully implemented. I propose that you introduce a debate in parliament that will address the implementation of environmental policies in South Korea.

This debate should be based on a proposal to form an agency that will oversee the implementation of the government’ s directives and policies towards environmental pollution. In addition to establishing an administrative agency, the government should facilitate a campaign to inform the public of the dangers of pollution to their health. The public requires information on how to take care of their health with the prevailing level of pollution in the country. Such a campaign will enlighten the public on alternative energy sources and the need to conserve their environment as a preventive measure.

The government should be proactive in dealing with the effects of pollution on human health. Investing in environmental conservation will ensure that future generations will not suffer the same negative effects of environmental pollution as the current generation. I look forward to your quick response to this issue.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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