Ultrasound of Congenital Fetal Anomalies – Pregnancy Example

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"Ultrasound of Congenital Fetal Anomalies" is a wonderful example of a paper on pregnancy. Fetal anomalies are said to affect 3-5% of all pregnancies all over the world, thus need for Ultrasound screening, which is carried out routinely or upon demand most often in the first or second trimester. However, in most countries, the second-trimester scan remains the most crucial for fetal anatomical evaluation for both high-risk and low-risk pregnancies (Paladini and Volpe, 2014). All the same due to advanced equipment and technology, the first-trimester is proving to be just as efficient in detecting any fetal anomalies as early as soon as possible such as severe structural abnormalities.

More so, it is possible to calculate for each pregnancy a patient-specific risk of having a chromosomally abnormal baby. It is important for pregnant women to go for ultrasounds because in most cases the major anomalies are often done away with. An Evaluation based on the case study This is to mean that if at all Marco and Jessica had not been too concerned about medical expenses and visited the Hospital earlier for pre-natal clinics then there would have been a better alternative other than abortion.

More to it, the lack of arms falls under the potentially detectable abnormalities that are likely to be detected in the first-trimester; hence there is a chance this would have been resolved way before (Paladini and Volpe). Theories are patterns of ideas that provide a way of viewing a phenomenon in an organized way (smith and Liehr). From the case study, it is clear to realize that each one of them from Jessica, Marco, and Aunt. Maria, there is some sort of bewilderment.

Due to the great changes they already foresee in their lives, hence transitional theory. None of them is taking the news of a possibly disabled child lightly, Aunt. Maria prays and wails and even call the Pastor. Marco on the other hand is too saddened and does not want Jessica to be given the bad news as yet he attempts to protect her by keeping Dr. Wilson from breaking the news to her. When Jessica is finally told we see her struggling not to cry and more so struggling with the decision of having to raise a disabled child yet her economic state is not so appealing. Besides all this Jessica cannot comprehend the chance of a possible abortion, she values life if anything, it is nothing but sacred to her.

More so, Aunt. Maria is there to reinforce it by urging her to keep the child as God is present. Irrespective of all this the Doctor insists that abortion is the only way out, regardless of their moral, religious, and personal values. Human beings go through experiences of transitions that may or may not lead to the ability to cope with the changes at hand (Meleis, 2010).

The transition process has become key in the medical field, thus medical personnel needs to help people achieve healthy transition processes as well as outcomes. Thus the clear application of the transition theory in this case scenario is of the essence. Transitional issues may arise from the inability to separate from past identities and ways of functioning (Meleis, 2010). Consequently, Marcos is scared of change and needs no disabled baby as he cannot imagine this baby becoming an economic barrier to them.

Jessica on the other hand is torn apart due to the fact she is a Christian and abortion is the taking of life in her context. I personally agree with the transition theory as it is more humane helping individuals go through the change with support and care mainly because transitions are a result of critical events and unanticipated changes in people’ s lives. The application of this theory by nurses and other medical practitioners assists people in quite a big way.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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