Radiation Therapy Program and Nuclear Medicine Program – Radiology Example

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"Radiation Therapy Program and Nuclear Medicine Program"  is an engrossing example of a paper on radiology. My interest in radiation therapy                       My interest in radiation therapy stemmed from the importance of radiation therapists that I observed in a hospital setting. I once went to the hospital to visit a friend who was suffering from cancer. From my visits, I observed that radiation treatments administered to my friend were assisting in the regaining of her health. I learned that radiation therapy plays a very big role in a healthcare setting. This experience prompted me to learn more about radiation therapy.

Radiation therapists work together with other medical physicists and oncologists. They deliver radiation treatment, especially to cancer patients. Radiation therapists operate radiation equipment to deliver ionizing radiation treatments to patients. A radiation therapist also ensures that patients receive empathy and care during their treatment process (Sor. org).                       For one to gain admission for the study of radiation therapy, one requires to have gone through at least one year of university study. One should also complete the necessary papers as required by the Admissions Committee of Radiation Therapy.

I believe that I have what it takes to undertake radiation therapy because I have high grades in all my subjects in school. I also have a passion for caring for people with cancer. Having helped my friend in her healing process gave me the realization that I love helping people in pain. Undertaking radiation therapy is a sure way for me to interact with cancer patients. My interaction while giving them radiation treatments and also other forms of therapy will give me satisfaction when I see them get better.   My love for technology also means that I will be keen to learn how to operate radiation equipment while studying and also when I become a certified radiation therapist. My interest in nuclear medicine                       Nuclear medicine incorporates physics, mathematics, chemistry, and medicine, and computer technology.

Nuclear medicine allows a specialist to know about every organ in the body. The role of a nuclear medical technologist is to administer radioactive pharmaceuticals to patients and also to perform imaging procedures on a patient. A nuclear medical technologist also makes use of instruments to provide images, data analysis, and also patient information on diagnostic interpretation (Mayo. edu).                       My interest in nuclear medicine was also sparked by seeing the way nuclear medical technologists played a significant role in the treatment of cancer ailments.

I also believe that I am capable of undertaking a program in nuclear medicine because I have the ability to communicate and work well with other people.   The use of radioactive tracers is also safe for the patient and also the technologist. I also believe that my keen knowledge in sciences plays an important role in the creation of practical skills when it comes to nuclear medicine.

Nuclear medicine also incorporates interpersonal skills and also patient care. After undertaking a degree in Nuclear Medicine, there is a training that one undergoes as part of formal practical experience. This training covers all the competencies incorporated in Nuclear Medicine. My interest in nuclear medicine also spans from the fact that I am the only individual in our family to undertake a degree that incorporates medicine. I am excited to get the opportunity to do a course that involves something I am passionate about.

Since I will get the opportunity to interact with patients I will work towards ensuring that I become a certified nuclear medicine technologist.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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