Radiologic Technology Observation – Radiology Example

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The paper "Radiologic Technology Observation" is a great example of medical research. Why do I want to be a Rad Tech? I think when it comes down to looking for a job or researching a career that’ s right for them, people should look for one that they already have the personality traits for considering it’ s hard to change their personality. This is why I feel being a Rad Tech fits my personality best because I have a natural caregiving tendency. I have a genuine love for people and concern for their health.

I enjoy being around people because of the simple fact that I’ m a people person. Since applying for the first time, there’ s a lot that I have learned from last year. I received a job position as a Patient Admissions Representative at Lawrence General Hospital doing outpatient/inpatient admitting. This has given me a lot of experience in the healthcare field.   For example, I have directly dealt with numerous patients when they are sick, learned Spanish, learned patient’ s rights such as HIPPA, and attained new computer systems such as Paragon, which will be replacing HBOC in most hospitals.

I’ ve worked hands-on with doctors and nurses as well as being present in the emergency center.                       For my observation this time around, I decided to go to a different hospital than last year. I went to Saints Memorial in Lowell, MA. I noticed that the radiologic technician explained each procedure and answered any questions that the patients had. In some cases, a substance called a contrast medium such as a barium sulfate would be given orally or rectally to the patient to make specific body parts easier to see.

The radiographer made sure that the patient did not have any jewelry on because it would affect the picture. The technologist positioned the patients either sitting, standing, or lying so that way the body could be radiographed correctly. The radiologic technologist was responsible for protecting the patient from radiation. Young children and women in their fertile ages received special attention for protection against radiation. In addition, the RT was accountable for positioning the x-ray equipment at the right angle and distance from the part being radiographed.                             Learning radiographic techniques will be the most challenging aspect of this field for me.

It is easier to take an X-ray picture. But, ‘ how to take a good picture’ counts a lot. Many times, it is seen that adjusting the apparatus and machines to take a good picture becomes a more technical task than taking the picture. This may be the real problem for a radiographer. The solution to this problem lies in learning techniques. I will deal with such challenging problems by developing creativity in mind. I am ambitious to work my way out of any problematic situation by hard work and learning.                       Based on my knowledge, experience, and additional work, I can say that I am prepared for the responsibility of working with this level of patient interaction.

My participation in church ministries including feeding the homeless and assisting in a support group, together with being a volunteer in the PACE (Pathways to Academic & Career Excellence) Program at Northern Essex Community College has enabled me to develop excellent communication skills and keen interaction with the sufferers.

I have developed empathy and compassionateness in myself. I feel that I can interact with the patients, in a kind manner, to help to solve their matters.                       As already discussed, I worked as a Patient Admissions Representative at Lawrence General Hospital doing outpatient/inpatient admitting, last year. There, I got a chance to deal, directly, with the patients. I was able to learn a lot about the behaviors of different types of patients. This learning can be a lot helpful for me. Especially, I have gained knowledge about treating different patients in different conditions.

This knowledge and experience have prepared me for dealing with patients. I feel ready to interact with patients, judging their moods and feelings; acting accordingly; and developing a sound, friendly relationship between the two of us. This methodology will help me to work more effectively, leading to the increased caring of the patient.                       My awareness of technology has enabled me to keep going with modern trends and demands. I can learn quickly and efficiently. When it comes to technology, it is all easy for me. Moreover, It will not be wrong to say that I am a man of strong nerves.

My behavior helps me to work promptly and rightly. In tough situations, when there is a need for courage together with patience, I perform skillfully. In such situations, I not only concentrate on my technical task but also maintain my friendly behavior with the patient. All this is the fruit of my previous practice and experience. This all will help me; work here, in the patient care field.                       Abilities are natural gifts. No person can change his physique.

But some abilities are amendable through hard work and concentration. It is said that hard work and determination are keys to success. A radiographer can meet the Standard Skills listed on the Radiologic Technology program sheet by adopting the above-mentioned rule. Promptness to light expressions can only be achieved by concentration. A radiographer must develop concentration in his work. By developing concentration, he can prompt patients’ expressions, technical tasks, and other minor things that count in the completion of an effective task. Communication skills can be gained through care and experience.

Although, a radiographer may not be able to meet all the standard skills, yet he can make a lot of difference if he is ambitious and determined.                       With all these skills, I am determined to become a radiographic technician. I believe that my experience and knowledge regarding this field will help me a lot throughout my career. My behavior, feelings of sympathy, and love for people, especially the sufferers, will enable me to perform my duties efficiently. Being a radiographer is my passion, and fulfilling all the requirements of this field is my duty.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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