The Prognosis for the Lung Cancer – Radiology Example

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"The Prognosis for the Lung Cancer" is a controversial example of medical research on radiology. Patient history                       The patient in consideration has persistent suffering from lung cancer disease. As such, the patient has complained for two months about higher levels of chest pain, difficulty in breathing, persistent cough, and the presence of blood in the cough. Further, the patient has been involved in excessive alcohol consumption, as well as smoking. These have contributed to the excessive weight loss for the patient. Reason for examination                       The reason for the examination is to establish the nature of lung cancer disease.

Such is because the patient has exhibited all the signs and symptoms of lung cancer disease. These include intensive coughs, difficulties in breathing, and uncontrolled weight loss at a fast rate. Type of injury or illness                       The type of illness that the patient is experiencing is lung cancer disease. Age of patient                       The age of the patient is 43 years. Sex of patient                       The patient in consideration is a middle-aged male person. Clinical diagnosis                       The process of establishing the presence of cancer involves the historical background of the patient, physical examination, chest x-ray, and biopsy.

As such, the pathological material has to be examined before subjecting the patient to a chest x-ray. It is also evident that the patient has difficulties in breathing, which affects his other normal biological processes. Associated laboratory findings                       Associated laboratory findings indicate enlarged supraclavicular lymphadenopathy, the collapse of the lobar, effusion of pleural and unresolved pneumonia (National Cancer Institute, 2014). Further, the patient indicates the presence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Radiographic findings                       Radiographical findings indicate the presence of cancer as a white spot.

These findings provide clear proof of the presence of lung cancer in the body of the patient. Physician’ s final report                       The final report indicates that the patient has lung cancer. Such is because the chest x-ray indicates a white spot, which is a clear indication of the presence of lung cancer in the patient. As such, the patient has to undergo a therapy and treatment procedure, which is aimed at reducing the manifest of the lung cancer disease. Follow up                       The patient has to report to the medical center every two weeks for the purposes of evaluation of the extent of disease in the body.

This routine visit will also establish whether the curing process of the disease in the body is positive or not positive. Pathology review                       A qualified pathologist has to review the extent of the medical condition for the patient to determine the best strategy to address the illness in the body. The review indicates that the patient is extremely suffering from the higher levels of lung cancer, which demands that the patient be subjected to medical treatment.   Prognosis                       The prognosis for lung cancer entails evaluating the best treatment method for the disease.

As such, for the patient, there is a need to encourage him to stop smoking and taking alcohol. Such is followed with therapy to change the behavior and embracing taking of the recommended drugs to aid in the curing process of the disease.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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