A Summary on the Reproduction Unit – Reproduction Example

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"A Summary on the Reproduction Unit " is a wonderful example of a paper on reproduction. The unit covers the human reproduction system by expounding on the various components that are involved during child development. The discussion on reproduction is inevitable for biology scholars and professionals in the human reproduction field.   It is imperative to understand the structure and functions of the various components found in the human reproductive system. Some of the components and processes that one should consider important in the human reproduction system include chromosomes, genes, and cell division.

The chromosomes are structured in long double filament and form the foundation upon which genes are based. It is imperative to understand some functions of chromosomes and genes in the human reproduction system. Some basic functions of chromosomes and genes include pairing and character development. Cell division can be classified as either mitosis or meiosis.   There exist various factors that differentiate meiosis from mitosis. For instance, mitosis occurs whenever cell division of somatic cells takes place while meiosis takes place in the later stages of cell division. Gregor Mendel did various experiments and came up with three laws of inheritance.

The three laws are;   the  law of segregation, the law of independence assortment, and finally  the  law of dominance. The field of genetics has developed subsequently over the past few decades. In this regard, it is important to understand the concept of genetic predicting. In addition, it is important to comprehend variation and mutation in humans to understand why people behave differently. It is essential to  identify  that there are many  diseases associated with genetic problems. Some of the common genetic ailments include hemophilia and sickle cell diseases.

In conclusion, abundant research should be done regarding the human reproduction system to find a solution to the various health problems associated with reproduction.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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