What Is Sexuality – Reproduction Example

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"What Is Sexuality" is a brilliant example of a paper on reproduction. What is sexuality?   Sexuality  is an expression of a desire to be involved in a meaningful intimacy at a certain age by being able to connect with particular people.   Sexuality is a complex aspect that affects vast human experiences  like dating, relationships, physical development, gender, and reproduction.   4 dimensions of sexuality & some main aspects of each  The  dimensions of sexuality include  gay women also referred to as lesbians who are women attracted to other women.   The other  type is  the gay men who involve themselves in intimate relations with other men.   Bisexual women and men are individuals who are attracted to either  gender  (Bruess & Greenberg, p.

56).   Heterosexual people are  the last dimension of sexuality  where people are only attracted to people of the opposite gender.     Who can influence someone’ s sexual health?   Someone’ s sexual health can be influenced by their families, friends, society,   media,   drug abuse,   and community.   Developmental rates & sequences  Development rates  differ from male to female, the female develops at an earlier age than the male.   Myths & facts about masturbation  Myths about masturbation are that it reduces spasms count and reduces sexual urges. Facts are that it helps people be comfortable with their sexuality as well as their partners and it is a healthy activity.   Nocturnal emissions  This is also  referred to as wet dreams is a natural  body function that comes as a result of sexual overstimulation.   This occurs mostly at night  and it is not a sinful act.   What is sexuality education?   Sexuality education is instruction  on topics  relating to human sexual anatomy, human sexuality, sexual intercourse, and sexual reproduction.   What are some goals and objectives for sexuality education?

Why are they important?   The objectives and goals of sex education  are  to ensure that every person is aware of their sexuality and  avoid various  problems that come with growing.   Sex education is important because it is a lifelong process that starts from birth until death.   Learning about sexuality help people have positive views of sexuality later they develop appropriate skills  to make healthy decisions regarding their sex lives today and in the future.   Be able to justify sexuality education.

What are some good reasons for its inclusion in the health curriculum?     Learning about sexuality help people have positive views of sexuality later they develop appropriate skills to make healthy decisions regarding their sex lives today and in the future.   Sex education offers helpful messages to the youths and it can be a future investment as they will be comfortable with most things regarding the  bodies  and health.     Basic understanding of sexuality throughout history: what themes run throughout different periods of history?

What characterizes sexuality in the US throughout its brief history?   Throughout the US history sexuality has been characterized by various theories that try to explain the  importance of  sexuality education.     Know some current trends in sexuality education.   Current trends of sexuality education are that it has been included in the majority of the curriculum. This ensures that every  student  is  aware  of what sexuality entails.   Why is sexuality education controversial?

Why and how do groups oppose it?     The controversies of sexual education are that the more students are being taught regarding the topic the more they want to explore.   Some groups believe that individuals should not be taught everything about sexuality.   Understand and be able to use the countering arguments in your text. Why is logical thinking important in defending sexuality education programs?   Sexual education programs should be there as many people make mistakes that would have been avoided if they knew about sexuality.   How might your own culture, gender, and morality influence you in sexuality education?   People are different and their cultures, morality, and gender can influence sexuality education depending on  their  beliefs and how they have been brought up.     What causes menstruation and menopause?

What physical changes accompany each?   Menstruation occurs when fertilization does not take place where the menses are released for a few days.   Menopause is caused by age  where  women  cannot  be able to give birth or  menstruate.   Know the 4 phases of sexual response. How are men and women similar & different?   The sexual response  can be through touch, kissing, body contact, and sex.   Pregnancy test – when does it work?

What does it measure? When is a woman most likely to become pregnant?   Pregnancy tests work at any time of the day and are used to measure if a woman is pregnant or not.   The woman is most likely to be pregnant when  they  have unprotected sex on their unsafe days.   What happens at conception?   At conception, the female egg and the male sperm  fertilize.     Be familiar with changes in mother and fetus during pregnancy  The mother adds weight as the  baby continues  to grow.   What are some common problems during pregnancy?   Common problems during pregnancy include  morning sickness, cravings, back pains for some women, mood swings, stress, and  abdominal  pains for some women.   What are some other childbirth options other than a hospital room?     Other  childbirth  options are the bath tab births, and the home births performed by midwives.     STIs: Know transmission, signs/symptoms, causes (bacteria, etc. ), & treatment for gonorrhea,   Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, HPV, HIV, pubic lice, & trichomoniasis    STI transmission is through unprotected sex, their symptoms are itchiness at the genitals, discharge of white substances, and pain while urinating.   Treatment can be through antibiotics from qualified physicians.   Know about STI prevention.   STI can be prevented by having protected sex with one person.   Puberty: Know the basic changes that  happen:   physical, emotional, and social    Basic changes that occur during puberty  are that people add weight, their physical appearances  change, they  become  moodier  and they become more dependent on their age groups than their parents.     Reproductive organs: know the structures and functions of the parts on the following page.

Be able to find and label them.    


Bruess, C., & Greenberg, J. (2009). Sexuality education. Boston: Jones and Bartlett.
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