Theoretical Framework of a Health People 2020 Objective: Social Determinants of Asthma – Respiratory System Example

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"Theoretical Framework of a Health People 2020 Objective: Social Determinants of Asthma" is a perfect example of a paper on the respiratory system. A healthy 2020 objective identifies a percentage of persons living with asthma in a community. A number of methods or strategies can be used in this process and each criterion used may help identify the targeted population through population size, labor market content, the density of population, composition, and various social support networks. Identify Social Determinants of Asthma This involves a full range of factors influencing and contributing to asthma in the community by looking into various factors like social environments of those suffering from asthma, the income and social status of those diagnosed with this condition, education, and literacy of individuals and families suffering from the condition amongst other factors affecting the identified group in one way or the other. Focusing On Asthma Using health approach evidence to respond or come up with interventions like using the population health assessment, surveillance, research, and the different program evaluation techniques to generate evidence related to asthma problems in the selected region or area.

Numerous questions will be taken into consideration in trying to focus on asthma as a problem in the community and examples of such questions will include identified priorities of the population and emerging issues related to asthma. Integrating Multiple Levels of A healthy 2020 objective Asthma Support Multiple levels of supports from various areas will be integrated like nutrition services, counseling, education programs, collaborative efforts of school, physical education and activities, and health education. Importantly, early collaboration is extremely important as it prevents the problem from increasing into the population and it requires full support from various stakeholders like health professionals, organizations amongst other stakeholders. Identify A Healthy 2020 Objective Rural Challenges On Asthma Control And The Resources They Have  A health people 2020 theoretical framework to help identify solutions will involve an active role in identifying challenges based on the social determinants of asthma.

The challenges will be identified from program evaluation, personal experiences, and health assessments. The resources currently available will be used as advantages or strengths of fighting the spread of the problem within a community and are extremely vital to the achievement of the healthy people2020 objective. Addressing Asthma Challenges And Maximizing Use Of Resources And Intervention Programs  This will involve addressing challenges and making proper use of resources available for the prevention of asthma spread within a community.

Develop an implementation strategy based on good practices to help achieve the goal. This will involve good coordination of component use and strategies and Implementing CDC school health guidelines incorporate program planning process to attain the goal.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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