STIs Jeopardy Game – Sexual Health Issues Example

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"STIs Jeopardy Game" is a decent example of a paper on sexual health issues. By participating in the game, the students will be sensitized about STIs. They will learn about their symptoms, implications, as well as, how they are transmitted.   Additionally, they will learn about preventive measures. By the end of the game, the students will be able to name symptoms associated with STIs, identify different STIs’ symptoms, identify safe sex practices, as well as, describe the key modes of STIs transmissions. Game The facilitator should begin by explaining the game’ s rules to the students.

He or she must be clear and keen during the game. Must listen to the students answer the questions before writing the answers on the board. He or she should also ask students to assist in writing the answers on the board. The facilitator should read the below statements to students. The students should answer by asking the right questions to the below statements. Although one may use medication to reduce STDs symptoms i. e. herpes, HIV, as well as, warts, they are incurable. Some STDs, for example, gonorrhea and syphilis are curable by the use of antibiotics.           Answer: Are all sexually transmitted diseases curable? It depends on the test carried out.

If an individual has symptoms portraying acute HIV infection, HIV Viral load, which is a type of blood test, may be used to tell if the symptoms are caused by HIV infections.           Answer: How long does it take for an HIV test result before turning positive? Using Condoms always reduces the chance of being infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, since a condom may not cover all the skin cover, it would not protect an individual from diseases transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, for example, genital warts.           Answer: Does a condom prevent all sexually transmitted diseases? Numerous individuals infected with sexually transmitted diseases, for example, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and even HIV do not experience visible symptoms during the early stages.

Infected individuals usually transfer these diseases to others unknowingly. Therefore, it is advisable for an individual to always use protective measures, for example, condoms, any time he or she is having sex with a new partner.

If an individual has ever had unprotected sex and does not know his or her status, he or she should be tested.           Answer: Can someone have sexually transmitted infections without experiencing any symptoms? Using water-based lubricant condom while having sex.           Answer: What do u think is safer sexual behavior? Pain in the testicles, as well as, burning on urination, and discharge           Answer: what are Chlamydia symptoms in men? It is possible to be infected with HIV through shaking of hands           Answer:   Give an example of a myth Vaginal or anal sex without using protection           Answer: what is riskier? Viral sexually transmitted infection that causes cervical cancer           What is HPV?   Instructions The teacher should begin by dividing the class into two groups.

Both the two groups’ members must raise their hand before being allowed to answer the questions. The students must wait until the teacher finishes reading the statement before answering the questions. If a group answers a question wrongly, the teacher should give the other group a chance to attempt the question.

Additionally, all the answers must be in line with the rules of the game for them to be valid. Required materials Board Chalks or Markers Pamphlets on STIs


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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