Condos Community Healthcare – Social&Family Issues Example

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"Condos Community Healthcare" is a perfect example of a paper on social and family issues. Condos community healthcare constitutes of both subsidized and public healthcare systems. This provides the community with adequate resources, efficiency, and affordability. The community is also highly equipped and has qualified personnel. The nation has a program of cost-sharing, which ensures that all people contribute to the welfare of the healthcare system.   The community’ s healthcare is not subject to taxation. The law necessitates every person in the community to have health insurance. Every family member is insured hence avoiding lack of accessibility to healthcare because of the high cost.

Children receive insurance from the time of birth. When the children attain the age of 3 months, their guardians insure them (Allender and Spradely, 2010). Moreover, the guardians have the liberty to ensure their children with different companies. However, people who have stayed in Condos for less than three months, they a exempted from having compulsory health insurance. The possession of international insurance coverage does not exempt a person from holding compulsory health insurance within Condos. Moreover, some of the community members opt for supplementary health insurance.

The population is sensitive to the vitality of health to an extent the community has the largest private sector. The Condos community outpatient treatment highly regards medical personnel. This implies that the staff gets motivated to carry out their daily duties. The medical personnel who publicize their products and services ensure the quality of the healthcare services. The practice makes the public aware of the services offered at a particular health center. Consequently, healthcare within the community is efficient and convenient. Additionally, there is the affordability of medical services and drugs.

The healthcare center also offers vaccination and rehabilitation. Various therapies form part of the services offered by the Condos healthcare community. The community has researchers who contribute to the growth of the healthcare system. The researchers apply both qualitative and quantitative methods of collection of data. The qualitative is most prevalent because they provide the researchers with reliable and relevant information on good healthcare systems. Qualitative data is important because it reflects the true reflection of the variables of concern. The community’ s healthcare system has provision for supplementary health insurance.

However, supplementary health insurance is costly than normal personal insurance. Literature Review The nursing theory concept is vital in community health nursing. The concept enhances the delivery of health services. Nursing concepts guide the practice of medical professionalism. In the long-run Condos, community healthcare grows to greater dimensions. The entire population of Condos also learns to be responsive to healthcare needs. Consequently, this avoids immature deaths hence increasing the mortality rates. According to Stanhope (2010), community health nursing ensures quality family health. Every member of the community is also encouraged to strive to be healthy in order to contribute positively to the development of the nation.

The response to emergencies is a vital element of the Condos community. Moreover, the structure of the healthcare systems is also a vital element because it determines the quality of medical service delivery. The advice offered at the pharmacies promotes community healthcare. Roy (2012) asserts that pharmacies disseminate factual and realistic information to the patients especially on the causes and prevention of various maladies.

The benefits of supplementary insurance include extensive insurance coverage. This also serves to reduce the risk of financial constraints during emergencies.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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