Family Health History Collection – Social&Family Issues Example

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"Family Health History Collection" is a marvellous example of a paper on social and family issues.   The initials of the client that I interviewed are P. M.M. and the interview was conducted on 25th May 2015. My client was a single male aged 22; having been born on 22nd December 1993 in Las Vegas, United States of America. He was a serious Afro-American Christian who used to work in a Hotel in Las Vegas, having no health insurance with any company at the time of the interview although he had plans of obtaining insurance.

The client was the absolute source of information which according to me was very reliable because I did not force him to talk; the client willing decided to expose his health history. The client was in the process of seeking medical attention because of his medical condition at the time of interview in which the client was complaining of pain on the lower abdomen, diarrhoea and vomiting. The diarrhoea occurred at least twice in a day that consisted of loose stool with some traces of blood and his goal was to achieve better health living to enable him to work without having health problems. Some of the beliefs that the client highlighted was the fact that not all medical conditions for him and his family deserved medical attention.

This client and his family had a trend of only visiting a medical care institution when their conditions worsened and could not get back to normal on their own. The fact that the client worked in a hotel also raised the aspect of food contamination or unhygienic conditions that would have caused the symptoms being expressed.

The client was under the medication of Tetranidazole which he took 5ml three times in a day with the intention of eradicating some protozoans that may have infested his gastrointestinal system, yet the drug was not achieving this purpose whatsoever (Orlando, 2011). The client confirmed that he did not have any childhood disease but had undergone all childhood immunizations according to the records held in the custody of the mother with an additional immunization of the H1-N1 flu virus. The client, however, continued to say that he had faced allergic reactions from consumption of beef and pork later in life, but not from any other type of meat.

The client performs normal annual blood donation and has never been hospitalized since childhood as he could remember. There are no mental, emotional or any psychiatric conditions associated with my client and from what he said, there were no traits of genetic diseases associated with his family lineage. The client comes from a not so wealthy family since the mother is just a normal kindergarten teacher while his father retired while still working in the same hotel that the client works.

The client left school at the high school level after failing to qualify to join a college. The financial background both for the client and his parents is not that strong and apart from his girlfriend and both parents, the client seems to live quite an isolated life. It is only the church that comes between him, his girlfriend and his two parents as the client pledges allegiance to God as the special deity. The client has big hope for the future and plans to establish his own hotel and be an employer instead of being employed as he is. Since the client has diarrhoea and sometimes with traces of blood, there seem to be some complications in his Gastro-intestinal tract which may have been caused either by protozoans or helminths.

The blood may be as a result of the parasites hooking themselves along the walls of the Git and breaking the epithelial membrane of the Git causing the bleeding. The client crowned the symptoms by revealing that there was a protruding internal organ from the anal opening once every three times the client goes for a long call.


Orlando, L. A., Hauser, E. R., Christianson, C., Powell, K. P., Buchanan, A. H., Chesnut, B., Ginsburg, G. (2011). Protocol for implementation of family health history collection and decision support into primary care using a computerized family health history system. BMC Health Services Research, 11, 264.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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