People of Mexican Heritage – Social&Family Issues Example

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"People of Mexican Heritage" is a great example of a paper on social and family issues. All her family and comrades should be taught how to handle Mrs. Garcia’ s wound care since they are the nearest people who are able to offer her support whenever she needs it. Most importantly her younger daughter who is mature enough to handle her medication should be provided with the best guidance on how to handle Mrs. Garcia’ s family. On the other hand, the curandera should be warned from providing herbal medication while Mrs. Garcia is still in preparation for surgery.

Herbal medicine should only come in place when the doctor authorizes it and when other drugs are not in use to avoid overdosing and misdiagnosing incidences. Familism is a traditional Mexican and Latino value that emphasizes the centrality of the family unit. In addition to this, familism emphasizes the support that family members owe to their own family members, extended families, and the nuclear family (Larry D. Purnell, 2012). Due to the values that the rest of the family owes to Mrs. Garcia, she is able to get a lot of attention from the rest of the family members.

For this reason, she is able to be taken care of by anybody who is around so long as they are related in any way. Provision 8.1 of the ANA code of ethics requires that the nursing profession be committed to promoting health and welfare and the safety of all people. Although herbal medicine has always been an alternative for the manufactured drugs in this case the nurse is under obligation to stop the curandera from providing Mrs.

Garcia with the herbal tea. This is because it may have some side effects on her before and after the surgery. For this reason, the nurse should recommend the right kind of diet and medication for Mrs. Garcia in order to avoid exposing her to the wrong medication. However, this is not meant to discourage the curandera with her good practice of encouraging healing. The nurse should further encourage the use of the recommended herbs which may help in wound healing and assist in opening the blocked coronary vessels. One of the major challenges in nursing is the ethical dilemma.

In this case, the nurse might be caught in a dilemma of whether to engage in the prayer or not. Prayers are good but we don’ t belong to the same religion. However, ethical dilemmas may accrue while serving yet the patient's service is the nurse’ s credo priority. In this case, the nurses may decide to reassign their patients if the conditions they are working on are against their personal and religious beliefs (Brian Martin, 2013). If the nurse is a Catholic and believes in this faith he/she should join the prayers and encourage Mrs.

Garcia’ s family in preparation for the surgery. On the other hand, the law protects the nurse from engaging in situations that are against personal and religious beliefs. If the nurse is not a Catholic, he/she has the free will to leave the family to continue with the prayers.                


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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