The IDES Program – Social&Family Issues Example

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"The IDES Program" is an outstanding example of a paper on social and family issues. What are the goals and objectives of the program? The major goal of the Integrated Disability evaluation system (IDES) program is to constitute a streamlined system of service for delivering the benefits of the disability services of the United States to veterans and their families. This rapid and smooth care delivery is facilitated using collaboration between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Through this coordinated effort, IDES aims to provide a reliable case management process and a rigorous and single examination to determine the level of disability which in turn aids in providing the disability rating.

Further, the IDES program also intends to offer faster and transparent processing of the disability benefits (“ Real warriors” , n. d.). What method of evaluation was chosen? An outcome-based evaluation method was chosen for evaluating the IDES program Why was this method chosen? Outcomes are the benefits availed by the clients or target group as a result of program participation. An outcome-based evaluation method would serve as the most appropriate approach for determining if the organization (DoD and VA in this case) is performing the right activities to achieve the predetermined or expected outcomes.

This method involves the use of outcome models, consolidating the indicators and sources of gathering information (McNamara, n.d. ; Hallinan, 2010). What were some of the specific steps used to evaluate the program? The steps followed to evaluate the program are as follows: The need for developing a faster and smoother transition experience for the injured and sick members of the service was realized. The next step involved the development of a pilot program for launching a consistent, transparent, and rapid disability evaluation program by integrating the evaluation systems of DoD and VA. Education and training were provided to health professionals like medical staff, case managers, PEBLOs (Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officers), unit commanders, etc on the processes and contents of the IDES program. The service members were oriented on the IDES program through a 20-minute presentation which outlined the reasons for referring the service members for evaluation of disability.

The presentation also provided information on every step involved in the evaluation process A report was submitted to Congress which provided the rationale behind the motive to regulate, review and scrutinize the quality assurance schemes on disability evaluation of the military department (“ Disability Evaluation System” , n. d.). What has the program manager discovered about the program based upon an evaluation? Based on the evaluation the program manager concluded that more research is required to precisely decide whether consolidating the services would resolve the problems existing in the provision of disability associated services.

Therefore an elaborate study for 15 months was planned to be launched. Also, a report on novel strategies to advance the disability evaluation system, identified during the review process was submitted to the DoD.

A detailed study to analyze the best approaches for the effective implementation of the process was also planned to be launched (“ Disability Evaluation System” , n. d.). Further expansion of the pilot program to 27 locations and detailed surveys among the participants showed an increased level of satisfaction from the participants, after which the program was expanded to other global locations.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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