The Physical Injuries in Elder Abuse – Social&Family Issues Example

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"The Physical Injuries in Elder Abuse" is a wonderful example of a paper on social and family issues. This article is based on a report, which is about physical injuries in elder abuse.   A research was conducted in which the database of many websites  was searched from the years 1975-2012. Many articles were studied to gain knowledge about the subject.   Physical abuse in elders is a major problem in today’ s growing world. Evidence shows that elders are often tortured at home and  the care institutions.   Abusing the elder is considered a serious criminal offense as they occupy a major part of the country’ s population.

The statistics show that in Canada there is an increase in such cases. In 2009  about 7900 cases were reported  which  is  much more than previous years.   Even though there is an increase in such cases but the reason for the increase in the reporting of these cases is not clear. This increase may be the result of the large number of awareness programs taking place in  Canada  and throughout the world.         The data sources for this  research were  PubMed, CINAHL, EMBASE, and TRIP. The literature studied for research  included  the  articles  that contained words  of the  like  of  physical elder abuse, elder abuse,   etc.

However, there were only a few articles or case studies that were found relevant to this research.   The  data extracted were classified into different groups based on the type of injuries.   The injury pattern found in the victims included  skull and brain injuries, upper and lower extremity, maxillofacial and neck injuries, and torso. The Brazilians  gave the largest contribution to this study (73 percent). The majority of injuries reported in  these cases  were mild and required  treatment for its healing. Another study focused  on the case of adult physical abuse  showed deaths in adults  which  resulted from physical causing  brain hemorrhage.

In many cases, the victims of adult physical abuse were also sent to the intensive care unit and  still couldn’ t survive and succumbed to injuries.     The result of this study showed that two-thirds of the injuries  in adult abuse  cases  were in the upper extremity and maxillofacial region. Therefore, it is the need of today’ s world to identify such injuries  and to bring forward the evidence for the elder abuse to  stop such criminal acts and save the lives of many  (Kieran Murphy 10-14).  


Kieran Murphy, Sheila Waa, Hussein Jaffer, Agnes Sauter, Amanda Chan. " A Literature Review of Findings in Physical Elder Abuse." Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal Volume 64, Issue 1 (2013): 10-14.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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