Cancer and Other Malignant Neoplasm's – Stemcell Research Example

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The paper 'Cancer and Other Malignant Neoplasm's' is a perfect example of stemcell research. Cancer is a dreadful disease, which leads patients towards death in a slow but painful way. The other name of cancer is a malignant tumor. The malignant tumor is a cluster of diseases with key features of abnormal cell growth. Malignant tumor harms the whole body by spreading its infection throughout. There are various factors, which are involved in the vulnerability of cancer in the long run. In this regard, the excessive consumption of tobacco affects human health and as witnessed leads to the rise in cancer death up to 22%.

The other reasons stated by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) behind cancer are poor diet, lack of physical activities and consumption of the disproportionate level of alcohol. Moreover, it is revealed from the study that malignant neoplasm is a kind of osteosarcoma, which is better known as cancerous bone tumor affecting the human body to a considerable extent. There are several therapies, which are considered to be effective forms of treatment for cancer however the stem cells have proved as a much popular form in the treatment of cancer.

Queensland Health (2003), describe the highest death possibilities of cancer patients in Australia. The conducted research describes the risk factors related to cancer affection. In the year 1996, the percentage of the affected people of cancer by tobacco was 9.7%, which increased in 2003 to 12.2%. The stem cell treatment is much popular in Australia among the people. The conducted research in Australia has proved its efficiency as a regenerative medicine as it helps to re-grow human issues for the simple functions.

Contextually, stem cells are the major components, which have been used for several years to treat the patients of cancer. In this context, it is observed that there are various types of stem cells that have been used for treating varied forms of cancers. Furthermore, in the treatment of prostate cancer, blood stem cell therapy has proved to be appropriate in curing patients. To be specific, the blood stem cells treated with chemotherapy proves to be very effective for curing prostate cancer. Treatment relating to cancer regarding the aspect of stem cells is immense.   In this regard, placental stem cells with cord blood can be a medicine for leukemia or blood cancer.

Researchers have been planning to make a trial of the placental stem cell with the cord blood for examining the different hematological sickness of patients of varying ages and groups (ASSCR, n.d. ). The researcher from one of the cancer research institutes of Melbourne explains the aspect of longevity regarding breast stem cells. The breast stem cells are the longest run cells, which bear their infections throughout the life span.

The researchers are trying to evaluate, the origin of breast cancer and trying to find the accurate diagnostics for breast cancer for patients. Moreover, the researcher describes the research related to the longevity of breast stem cells, which will be helpful in discovering the origin of breast cancer. The researcher also describes the effectiveness of the stem cells and progenitor cells, which are self-dependent and hence can regenerate the body structure of the cells. This aspect will help to protect the cells from the worse effect of breast cancer for many years (The American Cancer Society Inc 2014; International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2011). Therefore, it can be witnessed that the advantages of breast stem cells will act as a treatment procedure for breast cancer in the future.

On the contrary, there are several disadvantages that can mess up the treatment procedures of breast cancer. In this aspect, it can be ascertained that the initial step of diagnostics should be to identify the source cell of breast cancer and then start with the procedures of treatment.

Moreover, as per NHMRC projects are conducted to prove the proper existence of breast stem cells and its ability to renewing the cells of the mammary gland. It can be observed from a survey that ovarian cancer is the primary reason for the numerous deaths of the women living in Australia. According to Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (2012) describers that over twelve hundred women are identified to have been suffering from ovarian cancer in a year and out of the eight hundred women die from this disease.

Furthermore, it is evident that ovarian cancer is the sixth reason that is leading to an increase in the number of women deaths in Australia. The study of the cancer council assessed the estimated rate of the cancer patient in the year of 2014 in Australia to be one lac twenty-eight hundred. The research scholar expects that the rate of cancer patients will reach one lac fifty thousand in the year 2020 in Australia as per the increase in the disease. The Cancer Council of Australia (2014) and Scott (2014) states cancer to be a prime cause for the majority portion of the death of the people in Australia.

Moreover, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2012) evaluates the various risk factors related to cancer. Smoking, alcohol consumption obesity and physical inactivity are termed to be a major risk factor for the people who are affected with cancer. The collective data explain that in the year  2010, the total number of male who died of cancer were twenty-four thousand three hundred and twenty-eight only, whereas death rate of women as compared to men were eighteen thousand five hundred and sixteen.

It is evident from the previous death rate record that the majority of men and women died of lung cancer. In the year of 2012, the death rate increased to sixty-seven thousand two hundred and sixty for men and the fifty-three thousand four hundred and sixty for women. Contextually, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2012) describes in its study in the year 2012 that the majority of the men died of prostate cancer and women died of breast cancer.

The death ratio has increased three times more than the previous year data interpretation. It is evident from the researches that the destructive effects of the worse diet plan are the primary reason for prostate cancer for men in a present scenario. The bad food effect such as the huge consumption of processed foods, which are highly rich with fats and cholesterol are the factors of the threats for prostate cancer and breast cancer for women. Extreme alcohol consumption by women can lead them to the disease of breast cancer.

The other reasons for breast cancer are due to obesity or excessive accretion of the fats in the human body. Doctors most of the time prescribe women to indulge in maximum physical activity in order to ignore the vulnerability of breast cancer. Another vital form of cancer affecting the people in related to skin cancer (News. com. au 2013; NHMRC, 1996). Therefore, it can be stated that NHMRC explains the various aspects of cancer and stem cells through various researches.


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